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Things You Must Check Before Hiring an Animation Studio

by REX

For showing that where your brand stands most of them go for some of the interesting videos that showcase their brand. To find the best animation video production company. If you are living in Los Angeles following are some tips and tricks that will help you in getting the best animation studios in Los Angeles.

1.      Checkout portfolio

A portfolio helps in judging the quality of work an animation company is offering. If you go through the work of the company in depth you will find the reasons why you should this company over others? Is the budget told justifies the quality they are providing?

Before hiring you must look into the portfolio. The portfolio will help you in determining that whether the previous work they did fits according to your brand needs or not.

2.      Number of projects an animation company worked on till today

The project completion rate helps a lot in scrutinizing when you are looking for a good partner or an animator.

Experience plays its part when it comes to checking design skills. Whenever you hire a professional animation studio must seek out whether the design skills define their experience as well.

If you visit the website, you will find several videos that are done in a certain period. Compare both the company’s completion tenure and the one completed more in less interval of time might be your right choice for creating your animation video.

3.      Check Presentation Skills of Video

Before you sign a contract with an animator, pay attention to all of the production specifics. The goal of a video is to establish a connection between the brand and the audience. Everything matters, from personalities to humor, for a video to be alive and interesting.

Simply watch some animated cartoons and then ask yourself, “Did I get that message?” Is it true that they did a fantastic job of piquing my interest?”

If you get the underlying meaning, it signifies the story was delivered correctly. It may take some time to pay attention to every detail, but your efforts will be rewarded.

4.      Never Neglect the Animation Style

It is said that a video should have comprehensible graphics and the drawing should be original, contemporary, and attractive in look.

As a result, you should strive for logo, color, brand, and website consistency that is appropriate to your organization.

As a result, you must determine how well an animated film can accurately portray character models and branding designs. You can choose between two animation styles: standard and custom, depending on your requirements.

5.      Always check a demo reel

If you want to judge a company’s strength you should check the demo reel this will help you out in judging the quality of animation, visuals used in it are 100% original, the soundtrack, the animation style they are using, and how the camera movement is done.

Furthermore, for better assessment, it will be a good approach that you look out the complex scenes, cool and clever transitions that are used between shots, color selection, and scene composition.

Sometimes when you look for reels you may find out the collaborative work as well in most of the studio’s portfolio so do ask them their role in the project. Through this, you can do a better evaluation. Moreover, getting in touch with the animator may also help in knowing the involvement of the studio in each scene.

If you couldn’t land on a solution that what exactly their part was in the reel that is for sure not a good sign. In this, it is better if you consider someone else. Lastly, do make sure that the reels consist of work they did by themselves.

6.      Passion

Before you hire an animation company you must look out for their enthusiasm in the field. It is said that if a person is having a passion for his/her field they will create more creative and fantastic pieces.

If a person or a company loves their job and they believe in their craft and creativity skills then they can produce some of the masterpieces.

It doesn’t matter how much a good animator is but if he/she is demotivated from their jobs they can only make few bucks and can never deliver 100%.

7.      Voiceover Quality

When you are hiring an animation agency you should not only seek information about the completed projects and animation style but it is necessary that you also know about the voice-over quality.

The voiceover is considered an essential element in a video so, it is said that it should be done by some professional speaker who has a proper command of the tone and genre.

8.      Checkout for better customer service and communication

A lot of studios are providing high-quality video at affordable prices but very few of them get the chance to communicate with their clients. This creates a gap between client and company which also results in the production of the low-quality video where sometimes the requirements are missed as well.

It is important to keep the client in the loop for creating an excellent animated video. The frequent communication between the client and the company helps in understanding the vision of the client and also keeps the client updated about how much work is currently done and how much is remaining.

Moreover, this practice helps in saving a lot of time that can be consumed in the revision phase.

So, before hiring a company check whether the company responds quickly or not to the questions and queries you are putting forward on their platform.

9.      Past Client’s Feedback

A company animation can be judged by the client’s feedback that they are having on their website in the form of testimonials, reviews, and ratings. For this purpose, either you can visit few platforms like Clutch and the Manifest or the company’s website as well.

If a company is reliable enough, it won’t hesitate to share this piece of information.

10. Finalize your Budget

Before finalizing or closing the deal you should decide your budget. This will help in saving your time and you can search for the right company that fits within your budget and provides you all the services at a minimal cost.

Even if your budget is less do check the above points and then decide for the company.

Final Words:

Hopefully, this article helped you in building a better understanding of how you can get a company at a minimal cost and what are factors that you need to check before deciding on a company that can help you in building your brand video. Through this, you will get a better-targeted audience and your brand can grow properly.

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