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Guide to buy the best home decoration in India

by Eric

When you put your heart and soul into giving your interiors the best look, the four walls become more than just a house. You make it a home – precious and full of memories, a home that reflects your persona. You try to give every corner a character and story of its own, making your eyes pop from one piece to another. Home decoration might look like a simple task, putting together aesthetic pieces but let us tell you it is not. It is no cakewalk to choosing the right one from hundreds of others, paying attention to every detail. When you look for buying the best home decoration, you get swamped with thousands of options to choose from on the internet.

If you want excellent home decor online in India, look for trusted websites that promise you quality products. Dekor Company is one of those few brands serving the interior decor niche, bringing quality to the table. Want eccentric home decor? This short guide is the best help you will get for buying fascinating home decor online in India. From what to buy and where to buy, to how to make it blend with your room aesthetics, we got it all covered for you.

  • Note your size boundaries

Before you buy any home decor item online in India, note that there is a size limit to abide by. Choosing a piece that is too tall, too small, or too extra for your place would be a terrible mistake to make. Buy a wall clock online according to the size of the wall. The design and the size of the wall should vary accordingly. A wall with less breathing space if topped with a large-sized wall clock will disturb the visual balance and weight of your room. When you design your space, knowing your size constraints, determines functionality. It makes the room super comfortable by omitting things that cover too much area.

  • Alternate heights

One of the most important interior designing tips you’ll ever get is to incorporate decor with different heights and shapes. It adds depth and visual interest to your interiors. If you wish to create a gallery of mirrors, start by choosing wall mirrors of different sizes and shapes. For decorative items for your table, alternate shapes of your vase, showpieces, and candle stand. Alternating heights and shapes let your interior room look uber chic. Along with that, it also helps to keep your space away from boring designs. Alternating heights in your home decor, make an unintentional pattern, keeping away symmetry and adding elements of pizzazz to the room.

  • Go for neutrals

If you’re someone who loves neutrals, this one’s for you. The amount of creativity and freedom of exploration you get with neutrals; you can never get from any other hue. Playing around with the shades of white, grey and cream keeps your aesthetics on fleek. A neutral-toned palette can always be color popped with vibrant home decor items. If you have dull cream-colored walls, all you need to do is buy a striking wall shelf or a wall clock online with a polished brown look, and BOOM! The vibe of your room is magically changed.

  • Experiment with patterns

For bodacious interiors, forget symmetry. If you try to follow a similar pattern along with the entire room, your interiors are going to fall prey to boredom. Layering patterns, experimenting with designs, and going monochrome wherever necessary, will add more visual interest to your room. If you buy home decor in India online, we suggest that you must experiment with different patterns and prints. Read more about Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Home.

  • Add vestiges of antiques

Generally, people add touches of antiques in a room to add more character to it. A polished round accent table in the corner of your room makes it look bold and sophisticated. You can also buy a wall clock online with vintage patterns that make them appear antique and valuable. When you mix things up antique and modern and play around with home decor items of different periods, your room looks ultra snazzy. A little mix and match never can go wrong. While incorporating antiques, you can also appraise with colors, detailings, and patterns. Try and layer the room with fusions of modern and antique pieces in various patterns to add a stunning accent to the room.

  • Don’t forget the walls

One common mistake people usually make while interior designing is that they forget to pay attention to the walls. Your walls are the biggest designing and experimenting space for your creativity. When you buy home decor in India online, look for elements of surprise and class for your walls. You can buy wall clocks online; choose a design according to your interiors- vintage, modern, boho or minimalist. Another option is to buy wall mirrors online. These stunning home decor pieces fill up your room with magical dazzles.

  • Create a moody contrast of colors

Colors are a great way to spirit up any space. The color palette that you chose defines the mood of your room. A bright, lively color palette brings excitement and thrill to your home. Whereas neutrals and softer hues make it calmer, modern, and sophisticated. When you choose a color palette, you also define the style of home decor items that you will be buying. If you buy home decor online for a bright color palette, you choose subtle pieces for yourself. While if you buy them for a room with a softer color palette, you can go for pieces with heavy detailing and popping colors. Some home decor items like wall mirrors complement every color palette so you can go for them too.

So, this was a little guide for the best home decorations in India. Make your dream of an aesthetic home come true, sitting at home with tension-free interiors shopping. So, the next time you think about giving your home a kiss of beautiful interiors, keep these pointers in mind!

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