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5 Watch Qualities to Look Out For Purchasing One

by Eric

We all want to splurge on expensive items that we work hard for, and of course, we want to get our money’s worth with each item we buy. There are a lot of watch brands competing in the market today. They all have unique designs to show off as well as high-quality materials. These watches should be ready to face any external factors that may cause damage. No one wants to spend money buying fake wristwatches or invest their money in a wristwatch that will not last long.

However, it is a bit challenging to look for what suits your interest. It just depends on the idea and information you have about it. A watch is of high quality if it has these five features.

1. Movements

Movements are relevant when choosing a wristwatch. It goes a long way in detecting the features and quality of a wristwatch. There are primarily three main types of movements—mechanical, automatic, and quartz. Subcategories like smartwatches can be tagged as quartz watches since some of them are battery-powered. Brands like Tag Heuer produce both Quartz and Mechanical wristwatches.

One thing to look for is the watch’s movement. Check on how fast or how slow the movement of the watch is. Observe the calendars and understand how it works. This is where you determine the proper care for the specific watch. There are two common types of watch movements, quartz, and automatic movements.

Some Tag Heuer watches use quartz movements for a more precise function. Some of their wristwatches feature a sophisticated date and have a neat calendar window that allows you to keep track of the date. Quality brands like Tag Heuer have distinguished their craft from other members of the watchmaking industry. An excellent automatic movement will always keep time reliably, plus you don’t have to wind them regularly, unlike mechanical watches. Quartz watches use batteries and some use solar energy.

2. Brand

Some brands already made their craft and names clear in the watchmaking industry. They crafted high-quality and super-performing watches that can pass inspections. Many of these brands have been established for quite a long time, and they have a reputation to maintain.

After considering the brand, and its surrounding entities, don’t forget to look at factors you consider relevant in a brand, as brands have specific features. Some people don’t take the water-resistance seriously and then fail to use the wristwatch at the required place. Check out the weight, uneven finish from the brand, the crystal, dial, and other parts.

3. Check the Material

If you are inexperienced in watches, you might fall prey to fake gold and fake silvers put on wristwatches by watchmaking teams. Scammers can create something of shallow quality and still try to sell it to unsuspecting buyers. Make sure it is made of stainless steel and solid material on the crystal. Notice the reason behind some watches getting scratched easily and some not getting scratched. It is the effect of fine finishing in some watches.

Weight is another reliable indicator of watch quality. Because a plush watch should feel like a toy, not a toy, of course, non-luxury watches are not perceived as such, but at least luxury watches should be of moderate weight. One of the most important factors distinguishing low-quality parts from high-quality ones is artistry and materials. For example, stainless steel is the standard for low-cost watches without compromising on quality. Read more about 10 Best Ways to Store Your Wristwatches.

On the other hand, ceramic and titanium are commonly used in luxury watches. This is perhaps the most obvious factor. However, the clock must show the time accurately and consistently. For example, the quartz movement is precisely held by carefully cut quartz crystals such as high-quality class 14 parts. Some of the world’s most accurate watches are tested in official Swiss chronometer testing laboratories and have an accuracy of up to 10 seconds per day. Then there is the mechanical watch, driven by right handsprings or self-winding pendulums.

4. Watch Strap

It is usual for watches to be made of either leather straps or rubber straps. However, the matter here is which kind of leather and rubber is used for the watch. Are they well-defined and of good quality? Make sure you confirm that you have genuine leather, full-grain, and top grain leather before finally considering your decision about the watch. Make sure they are coated with PVD to maintain the metals for a very long time.

5. Water-Resistance

While buying a wristwatch, you also have to consider the additional features present. Water resistance up to 10 ATMs is associated with high-quality watches. Few things are more dangerous to your watch than water, but water resistance is closely related to a decent watch.

Water resistance of 10 ATMs means that the watch can withstand pressure up to 10 meters (or 10 bar). This will improve your swimming experience. 5 ATMs and 3 ATMs are also waterproof. For your convenience, the watch requires a water resistance of at least 3 ATMs. Water-resistance is also often indicated on the back of the watch.

This is often the difference between a cheap watch and a cheap watch. You should feel comfortable while wearing a wristwatch, the weight shouldn’t be too bulky, and the watch shouldn’t be loose either. Do you notice any abnormalities, loose knots, or other bad surfaces? This should be an indicator that a wristwatch isn’t suitable for you.


When you look into the watchmaking market, many brands are coming up with wristwatches with innovative features. To avoid falling into the trap of buying fake watches, you have to make sure you have the necessary information needed to choose a quality watch.

Here are five factors to consider when buying a good watch that will stand the test of time and a few guidelines when choosing a brand. In short, watches are complex movements that require precision and detail from the point of view of the master. In the end, it all comes down to personal choice, and these factors are just a guideline.

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