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Things you must know before opting for a BCA course

by Eric

Bachelor of Computer Application, popularly known as the BCA course, is a three-year undergraduate program offering a broad range of specializations. It is one of India’s most sought-after academic courses since the demand for IT professionals is growing at an increasing pace. The BCA course typically takes three years to complete, including all the subjects relevant to computer applications. BCA can be an excellent option if you have just completed your 12th standard and are ready to earn a professional degree. But before opting for a BCA course, you must know a few important things.

Read this article to explore BCA eligibility, course overview, specializations, course fees, BCA career options, etc.

Bachelors of Computer Application: Programme Overview

The three-year curriculum of a BCA course is carefully divided into six-semester coursework that covers coding, programming, web designing, human-computer interaction, software engineering, data management systems, etc. This undergraduate course aims to provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of programming languages and computer applications. Thus, it is a tailored course for students from diverse academic background that empower them to make a career in the Information Technology(IT) industry.

BCA Specialisations

A BCA course can allow you to earn a specialization in several areas within the IT field. Moreover, to carve a niche in the modern competitive and dynamic world, you must hold expertise in a domain and, most importantly, excel in it to stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the most popular BCA specializations:

  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Financial Services
  • System Analysis
  • Management Information Systems(MIS)

BCA Course Fees in India

Earning a BCA degree would not put you in debt or push you to apply for financial assistance. For a BCA course, you’ll need to spend somewhere around INR 70,000 and INR 6,00,000 to earn a degree from a top-notch institution in India. Moreover, a BCA degree can make you employable across national and international platforms, offering you a high compensation. Hence, investing in a BCA course can fetch you a high return on investment. Read more about What Is The Frequency Of Apply For NDA And CDS Exams?

Eligibility for BCA

A candidate intending to apply for a BCA program must have a minimum of 50% marks in class 10th and 12th with the subject Computer Science/Mathematics/ Information Technology any one of the main subjects at an intermediate level. The candidate applying for a BCA course must be age 17 or above. The eligibility criteria and entry requirements are different for different colleges.

Career Options for BCA graduates

A BCA course offers a degree that empowers the students to break into the booming IT industry. They learn four important things through the course: soft skills, Basic Mathematics and Logic building, personality development, project work, and Core Computing Technologies. Here are some of the lucrative career options for a BCA graduate:

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Technical Writer
  • Web Designer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Software Tech Engineer

There are a plethora of job opportunities for students that can land them a dream job at the heart of the technology sector. So, explore BCA courses with the various specializations and make a well-informed decision. Enroll Now!

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