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5 Mobility Equipment for Seniors to Avoid Fall Accidents

by Eric

As an individual crosses the age of 60, a fall can lead to severe injuries and fatality. Preventing the possibility of a fall with mobility equipment is the best way forward. Walking aids allow the individual to carry on with daily life and enjoy the outside world without immobilization.

Mobility devices offer their users freedom of movement, steady support, better posture, and many other benefits. Individuals no longer need to compromise on their quality of life due to injury or old age. Equipment stores like Safety and Mobility offer a wide range of products, and as the name suggests, they do not compromise on either.

When it comes to the elderly, mobility and safety are very important. Mobility aids can provide both without the need for constant monitoring.

Fall-Preventing Mobility Aids

There is a wide range of devices, but here are five that help prevent accidents for the elderly.

Non-slip Socks

Outside, shoes are the best way to prevent a fall, but it is not feasible to wear shoes indoors. Friction socks are embossed to create raised surfaces that prevent easy slipping. They are perfect for the indoors and keep the feet warm.

If you are looking into this option, make sure the socks are made of breathable material so that they can be worn for long hours and do not cause skin reactions. Good quality socks will allow the user not to have to remove them while sleeping.

Fall Mat

A high-density foam mat acts as a cushion in case the individual falls out of bed. Individuals can use this device in areas where they spend most of their time, such as a recliner or desk. The elderly usually struggle when moving from a seated to a standing position.

They also tend to fall out of bed or forget about their surroundings. A fall mat is a security that takes the impact of the fall and does not cause any injury to the person. The foam surface creates a softer fall and protects the individual.

Forearm Walker

Walkers provide a sturdy frame and grip for the elderly who need to move from place to place. Forearm walkers offer support for the forearm and take a portion of the body weight from the lower body and transfer it to the upper body.

They also help improve posture and usually provide adjustable support. Unlike other walkers, forearm walkers put pressure on the forearm rather than the wrist and the hands. Read more about 6 Secrets to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy.

Quad Sticks

A quad stick is similar to a cane, but it has four legs at the bottom for extra stability. It is difficult to topple over a quad stick because of its broad base. The height is adjustable with buttons on the mobility device.

Even if you are weak, it is good to walk occasionally to avoid stiffness. The quad stick has rubber caps attached to the bottom of the metal feet to prevent slipping. It is made of lightweight aluminum and does not require much effort to move around.

Walking Belt 

A walking or gait belt helps a person while walking or moving from a sitting to a standing posture. It is also useful when transferring wheelchair-dependent adults from the bed to the wheelchair.

Caretakers can use the belt as a handle to safely support or lift the older person. The walking belt helps prevent a fall and can allow the caretaker to transfer the individual safely. It is a mobility device that protects both the caretaker and the individual from injuries. When deciding which mobility device(s) to purchase, remember to keep a good balance between the grip offered and the extent of mobility, look at the wide range of equipment offered by stores like Safety and Mobility and choose the suitable one.

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