5 Aesthetically Beautiful Plants That Can Upscale Your Interiors
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5 Aesthetically Beautiful Plants That Can Upscale Your Interiors

by Eric

Having a garden inside your home became one of the biggest trends in modern times. It is natural for us to crave for plants as the wide greeneries of big trees and vast grasslands have been the home of our ancestors for many years.

However, plants are not just some items you place inside your homes for the desire of nature. Nowadays, it is part of your interior design as well. Planting plants is now practical and artistic. Plants are the art piece themselves.

Plants can beautify your room. They can add a pop of color and they can add sophistication. Plants can also be relaxing and soothing to see, taking care of them is also therapeutic. Here are the most beautiful plants to add a pop of design in your room.


Verbena can bring pops of colors indoors. It brings summer vibes inside your house with its blue, purple, white, pink, and red color. It is a happy flower that can bring a lightness and giddiness in your rooms. It also smells good and can bring a fresh smell whenever you walk by.

Taking care of a verbena needs extra attention. It needs to be taken outdoors for 6 hours of sunlight every and moderate amount of rain. You can research GardenersPath.com to know its proper care.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies is a medium-sized plant with an average size white flower, it is the size of a shrub. It is beautiful with its large leaves and flowers that can catch your attention. It is not just some plant you pass by whenever you go to a room. It is a type of plant that you will look at now and then.

Aside from being a beautiful plant, it is one of the best air purifying plants as well. It will clean the indoor air of toxic gases. You never know when the indoor air could be suddenly poisonous yet peace lilies will clean the room atmosphere.

It is also low maintenance, you only need to water the plant probably once a week and can thrive even without a specific environment. You should only take note that you should place it in the corner with partial sunlight.


Vines are not just outdoor plants anymore, it can thrive indoors as well. Maybe you prefer it to be a hanging plant or you want it at the top of your bookshelf, cupboard, or cabinets. An indoor vine will surely be an eyecatcher.

As you might expect, it might be hard to take care of but that is not the case. It is a low maintenance plant as well with the requirement of watering once a week. This over the top plant is easy to take care of even for beginners.

This plant also needs to be placed in a corner with a partial sun shade. Deep darkness will not do with the plants. The soil also needs to be moist but not too much as Pothos is a tropical plant and it thrives in a humid environment. You can also sprinkle some water on its leaves.


If you want plants that look loud, then Abutilon or Flowering Maple is another plant that you can invest in. It is a plant and its flowers can be yellow, white, red, or pink. It is a small shrub plant that can grow to 8 fr depending on your container. This is good for dull corners of your room.

Abutilon is also a tropical plant and thrives in a humid atmosphere. It does not do well with dry or cold areas and it needs a certain environment to survive. It does not like fall or winter much however as long as you take good care of it indoors, it’ll be alright. It can survive with full sun or partial sun shade. It is sensitive to weather and it needs the right amount of water in its soil to thrive, not too wet , not too dry.


If you want to go extreme, then you can explore growing a Bonsai. Bonsai is not for the faint of heart, it reacts quickly to environmental changes. Their needed atmosphere is highly particular.

Unlike other plants, it needs some research on how to take care of Bonsai. Depending on the species of the Bonsai, you need to take note of its place, watering frequency, and correct area placement. Nevertheless, it is aesthetically pleasing and also immersive to Japanese culture. Taking care of a bonsai plant is like studying what its roots are. Highly upscale and sophisticated.


Plants are not just something you put indoors for no reason. It purifies the air, gives fragrance, and it can also act as an art piece. There are different kinds of plants to choose from, some are full of color while some are just unique and outstanding. Some are low maintenance and some need particular care. Nonetheless, taking care of a plant is definitely therapeutic and can heal the soul.

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