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9 Reasons Why You Should Learn French

by Eric

More and more profiles with knowledge of languages ​​are in demand and, by this; we refer to knowledge of several languages. Currently in Spain, learning French is the most common option when studying a third language. If you still haven’t convinced yourself, here are 9 reasons why you should take a French course.

Why Should You Learn French?

1. It Is A Global Language

It is a language spoken by more than 200 million people from the 5 continents. There are more than 60 francophone states and governments around the world that are learning French skype, with French being the official language in 33 of them. Also, both in Spain and abroad, it is the second most learned language after English.

2. It Will Give You Greater Access To The Labor Market

Currently, knowing just one language is not enough; therefore, learning French will improve your job opportunities. In addition, it is the third most used language on the Internet, just ahead of Spanish. In this way, you will have access to all the information available in this language without having to translate pages, articles, or news. Read more about Great Ideas to Keep Growing Your Knowledge.

3. It Is The Language Of International Relations

French is the official language of a large number of International Organizations such as the European Union, the Red Cross, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), UNESCO, the United Nations Organization (UN), NATO, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in addition to the language several international legal instances. It should also be noted that many of these organizations are based in French-speaking countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg, or Switzerland.

8. The Language Of Culture

We will not go into detail on this point, but French is supposed to be the language of culture, the international language of cuisine, la mode, le théâtre, l’architecture et la danse. Knowing French allows access to numerous texts of French and Francophone literature, by Edith Piaf, Victor Hugo, Jules Verne, Molière, Jean-Paul Sartre in the original version, but also to the cinema, theater, and music. France is a country that is strongly committed to its cinema and theater, positioning itself as one of the main producers of audiovisual content worldwide such as Untouchable, Amélie, Amour, La vie en rose, and a long etcetera.

9. It Is The Language Of Love

Who does not fall in love with a song like the previous one? The French language is melodic, beautiful, and sexy. Several surveys of women around the world have placed the French accent as one of the most attractive. The sound of expressions such as l’amour, jet’aime or chérie is to blame for this language being one of the sexiest. In addition, it has very spicy expressions such as ménage à trois or bondage. It always sounds much better to go to a boutique than to a clothing store or to thank the chef instead of the cook.


In conclusion, we can see that French is not a second language, far from it, so, in addition to being interesting, it would be important to know it if we want to work in a market that is increasingly international. We hope that these reasons are enough for you to decide to study French if you have not already done so. If you liked this article, subscribe to our Newsletter to receive more content like this, rate it or leave us a comment.

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