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5 Tips To Keep In Mind For Accountancy Class 11th

by Eric

The marks you score in your final exams do matter. When the cut-off for the universities increases every year, you understand the importance of the percentage printed in your mark sheet. In such a scenario, no student wants to score low marks in any subject. If you haven’t scored good marks in your Accountancy class 11th exam, it has the potential to bring down your entire percentage.

Accountancy is one of the few subjects that can either be your favorite subject or a total nightmare. There can be no in-between. The reasons for this are out in the open. Accountancy is a subject that if you are good at or have a very strong foundation, you will love the subject. However, if the concepts are not clear, you will surely have difficulty figuring out the subject. Accountancy has dual aspects; it has theoretical as well as dynamic aspects. Thus, if you can develop an understanding and a liking to this varied subject, it will be beneficial not only in your exams but also in making a career out of it. Read more about  Reasons Why it’s not too late to get a Degree.

How can you study for the subject of Accountancy to get familiar with the concepts, understand them, and utilize them to score good marks in your final exam? That is the main purpose of this article. Let’s start with the most important and the best part: you do not have to get crazy over mugging up the concepts and the terms.

Be smart, use your time effectively and efficiently, and put the rational mind to good use. This article will provide you with 5 tips that you must keep in mind whenever your study session includes the textbook of Accountancy class 11th. This article will help you understand how the knowledge of this seemingly confusing subject can be gained.

  1. What is important?

This is a very broad question. To limit the answer that this question can produce, you should have with you the syllabus and the previous years’ question papers of  Accountancy class 11th subject. This will enable you to understand how you can differentiate important and relevant topics from unimportant ones. However, do not skip any topic. The order of the world in recent times has been unpredictable. Thus, we must be prepared and ready. Questions can be framed from any area of the Accountancy syllabus.

  1. Make notes

The necessity of notes has been expressed by numerous toppers time and again. Yet, many students fail to realize the simplicity and importance of note-making. Whenever you study, while putting your textbook on the study table, also get yourself a notebook and pen. The terminologies of the subject can be confusing. Thus, it would help if you always made short notes while you are studying.

The benefits of making notes are immense. Here are a few:

  1. Helps to understand;
  2. Make studies active rather than passive;
  3. Stimulates creative thinking;
  4. Helps to develop a broader perspective;
  5. Helps in revision
  6. Makes it easy to recall in the exam.

Thus, these few benefits should motivate you to make notes whenever you study. The best part about developing this habit is that it isn’t restricted to Accountancy only. It can be utilized in other subjects, other classes, as well as if you are preparing for an entrance or a competitive exam.

  1. Write tests

While you are preparing, it is of utmost importance that you write tests at frequent intervals. Tests should not be avoided. They should be viewed as an enabling instrument that helps you analyze your level of preparation, your areas of weakness, and what needs more of your time and attention. The mistakes you make in these can be analyzed critically. This will ensure that you will make a few mistakes in the final answer sheet.

These tests will also enable you to analyze how you should better manage your time to complete the entire question paper. Several students have each year complained about the Accountancy paper being lengthy. Thus, it would be best if you worked on your time management skills.

  1. Practice questions

A similar yet different tip is practicing the questions and exercises given in the textbooks. You should not wait for the day of the test to put your knowledge to the test. Whenever you study any concept, practice the questions pertaining to the concept. Practicing the questions helps you self-assess your understanding of the concept. It will help you decide whether you should go back to the concept once again or move to the next concept.

Practicing the questions will ensure that you work on your presentation skills as well. The answers you write should be concise and comprehensive. Make sure that your answer fits the demand of the question.

  1. Revision

The last important tip is to invest your time in revising the concepts, notes, answers, and tests. The revision should not be left to last days before the exam. You must revise whatever you study daily. Revision is crucial because it consolidates and strengthens your understanding. It makes sure that you do not have to go through a hard time while writing answers or solving questions in the exam. Thus, it makes it easier to recall and reproduce information gained while studying on the answer sheet.

These simple tips will certainly help you in your preparation. It will help you realize the basic things that you will fail to pay attention to. These tips, when applied daily, will help you in understanding and applying the concepts of Accountancy. Whenever you feel confused, you can use the internet to your advantage. Consult your teachers and adults when you seek guidance.

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