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5 Things You Need To Know Before Designing School Book Covers

by Eric

One can proudly show off their book’s personality. Just get the book cover customized, and it’s ready to shine. But, of course, one must always think about why I should cover the book because it gives the book a layer of protection, and the cover is used to bind all the pages together.

The school book covers are hardcover paperbacks, brown covers, cloth, leather, and many other alternatives. One might get a little more creative and plan to cover their books with the help of a ring binding, dust jacket, and maybe turn them over like a paper board from the nineteenth century or perhaps the traditional style of hand-binding. Everyone knows the phrase “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”, but one always gets attracted to a beautiful cover that expresses the content of the will.

The cover of the book does the work of a salesman. The audience considers it to be an essential tool. The book’s cover works as a book billboard, and the reader or the author does not even know that it raises the expectation of the readers. If the reader looks at the book with an amateur cover, the reader will think that the book is not that great.

Small children are usually attracted to more colorful school book covers. Children like reading those books as it draws them towards them. Parents try using glitter, paints, and other shimmery things so that their child wants to study. The child also starts getting creative as they have always learned from a very fancy cover book.  Parents also prefer making the child do all the cover work to indulge in some creative artwork. There are also books that parents only cover with a transparent cover as the book gives a good moral and the child must know it.


1) The Cover Should Tell What The Book Contains:

The cover should do the job of framing the story and build an emotional connection. In addition, the cover should tell the overall theme of the story.

2) The Cover Should Tell The Book’s Genre

Besides giving the readers information about the subtle preview of the plot, the cover should also emphasize the book’s genre. Several people prefer to have a variety with them. However, most of them like to have one or two genres.

3) The Cover Should Introduce The Protagonist.

It is essential to feel connected to the protagonist to get compelled to read the entire story. A person usually gets attracted once they know the protagonist and their role.

4) The Cover Should Set The Right Tone

The cover design should always match the style of the book to get the attention of the right readers.

5) The Book Cover Must Have A Distinct Style

If you want the book to come out from the shelf quite frequently, one should always keep in mind that the cover must have a distinct style. Parents in Australia prefer to make the book’s cover as colorful as possible as they feel it attracts their child. So the kids in Australia decorate the cover of their school books with fancy items so that the kids want the book to come out of the shelf frequently. Now that one knows what a school book cover should have and attracts kids toward books, one can design the best covers.

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