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5 Leading Electric Car Charger Manufacturing Brands

by Eric

Necessity is the mother of invention. Such sayings have been proved right over the centuries. Everything is accustomed to the demands of the current situation. The human race revolves around nature and we have found so many ways to hurt mother nature. In the same way, people were used to driving cars that run on gas or fuel.  We need some alternative fuel that will not harm nature and is affordable to everyone. And that is when electric cars came into consideration.

Experts have announced this shift as the masterstroke of the 21st century as it is going to solve lots of problems. In the USA, a gallon costs $6 at the gas stations. Now, electric car charging stations have replaced gas stations to a certain extent. Automobile giants like Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Tesla, etc. welcomed this revolution and now, they are well known for their success in electric cars. It has enhanced the performance of the car and provided new options to the customers.

In case of emergency, these cars run on gas also. There is a gas engine and an electric motor in electric cars. And because people prefer to use electricity to charge these cars, an electric car changer manufacturer has a huge market or target audience. It is not easy to create a monopoly in this business because electric cars are everywhere in the world and brands are not. So, here are the 5 leading electric car charger manufacturing brands in the world-:

1.   TESLA

Electric Car Charger Manufacturing Brands

Being the 6th most valuable company on the planet, Tesla has a market cap of a whopping  $1.021 Trillion. Elon Musk, the richest and most revolutionary person in the world, is the CEO of this company. Tesla is the biggest electric car manufacturer in the world and they have set up charging stations but for Tesla cars only.


Electric Car Charger Manufacturing Brands

The German manufacturing giant Siemens AG has also introduced itself as an electric car charger manufacturing brand all over Europe. Standard chargers can be used at home and there are charging stations on the road as well for rapid charging. For thermal management, valves like XHVAL valves are used. These valves improve the power and increase battery life.

3.   BP

The fossil fuel sector company BP has become UK’s largest electric car charger manufacturer after making Chargermaster an alliance with it. BP bought Chargemaster for £130 million with more than 7000 charging units all over the UK. Charge your vehicle at home, on the road, or in the office. You will find BP everywhere in the UK. Read more about How To Properly Maintain Your Children’s Electric Cars?

4.   ChargePoint

Chargepoint is the world’s largest electric car charger manufacturer in the world with more than 50,000 charging units. Earlier, it was named Coulomb technologies but it became the biggest network after making General electric stations an alliance and adding 10,000 units to their tally in 2017. Currently, It has been operating in 14 countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. After facing a $60 million loss in march, this US company is still valued at $4.5 billion.

To store electrical energy at a large scale, zeolite is used in the lithium batteries in electric cars and Ultracapacitors. Lead-acid can also be used but lithium is more stable and affordable. Zeolites are crystal-like structures made of up silicon, oxygen, and aluminum. When zeolite reacts with a lithium-ion, the electrical conductivity decreases and ionic conductivity rises.


Hyundai has been a successful automobile brand in the world and they also introduced themselves to the electric vehicle world in 2019. Recently, with another South Korean automobile brand Kia, Hyundai has come up with a proposal for a wireless electric vehicle charging system. Hyundai has also come up with the concept of solar charging of the vehicles but placing solar panels on the roof of the cars.

The wireless charging system can be seen in a couple of years. Mercedes – Benz is also working on a wireless electric vehicle charging system. Last year, Hyundai agreed with Electrify America to offer complimentary charging for 30 minutes for 2 years all over the USA. Electrify America possesses more than 740 charging stations in the USA. It is believed that Hyundai is going to invest $16 billion by 2030 in the EV sector.

Hyundai uses the SAE fast connector network in Korea. You can drive up to 200 miles by charging 80% of the battery after 50 minutes of charging. The Korean company has witnessed growth in numbers in Korea and worldwide as well.


According to the need of the hour, the electric vehicle business is going to be successful. Countries like the USA, which have already adopted this form of transport a few years ago, will be looking to make it more accessible to everyone. Whereas countries in Asia, Africa, etc have started to get used to this noble trend. It also appreciates the fact that we, humans, are always working on something that can change the course of the next few decades.

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