3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Devices
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3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Devices This Fall

by Eric

If you are like many people then you are probably looking forward to your next upgrade. Whether you are looking to move to a laptop with more RAM, a tablet with better functionalities, or a smartphone with a larger screen and better camera, it is more than likely high time to treat yourself to a new device.

The good news is that autumn 2022 has many new releases in-store and the selection is larger than ever! Here are three reasons you should take the plunge and upgrade your device!

More Applications Available

Thanks to open-source programming and coding, there are more applications today than there were yesterday and there will be more tomorrow than there were today! This means that for Apple and Android users, you will both have access to similar, if not identical applications. Gone are the days when Apple users could enjoy using an application that Android users would not have access to or vice versa.

For example, in 2021 if an Apple user wanted to download an app to, say, print their own book cover, they would not have access to the same app as an Android user. The scales, however, are now tipping and we are now able to create similar applications, no matter the type of smartphone you use!

Stiff Competition And Better Selection

It goes without saying that Apple and all other Android phones are constantly trying to one-up each other. And for the upcoming releases this autumn, they have really outdone themselves. One of the major ways in which serious upgrades have been made is in their photographic capabilities.

The lenses on the phones that are being ushered onto the market are highly capable and cutting-edge, to say the very least. They also boast sleeker designs, more ergonomic on-screen keyboards, and louder speakers. You might be able to ditch your Bluetooth speaker depending on the model you choose!

Steps Towards Universal Chargers For Smartphones

Many people have voiced their discontent with the fact that smartphones do not have the same chargers…and rightly so! Depending on the make and model of your phone, you might have a typical iPhone charger, a USB-C, or a micro-USB charger. This variety does not play in the user’s favor and can be quite tricky when in a pinch with only 1% phone battery left! This is why it is now becoming the norm to have a single universal charger for all smartphones.

This shift towards universal chargers will create a more fluid and seamless buying experience and will keep companies from driving up the price of their cables and accessories. Read more about How to permanently delete files from iPhone.

If you are indeed ready to upgrade your phone or device, you only have a few weeks to go before all of these brand new releases will hit the market!

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