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You Can Treat UTIs Without Antibiotics. Is it True?

by Eric

Experiencing an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your bladder can result in a urinary tract infection (UTI). Treating this problem is usually done by taking antibiotics. However, avoiding taking medication may be better for the body, which is why it may be best to see if you can treat a UTI without antibiotics.

About UTIs:

UTIs are common in many people, especially women. Your urinary tract is responsible for removing urine from your body. Having an abundant amount of bacteria growth can lead to a UTI, which often causes annoying symptoms like frequent urination and pain. Unfortunately, if the infection is severe enough, it can even lead to problems with your kidneys.

Typically, antibiotics are used to treat this type of infection and help make the symptoms disappear in a few days. UTIs account for almost 20 percent of the antibiotic prescriptions given out in the United States.

Benefits of Using Antibiotics for UTIs:

Most UTIs are due to bacteria entering the body through the urinary tract. Some of the most prevalent invaders include Klebsiella pneumonia, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Escherichia coli species.

Multiplying quickly in the right environment can wreak havoc once they’ve become established in your bladder and make you feel extremely unpleasant. Turning to antibiotics is typically the best remedy and begins to kill these species immediately, allowing you to feel better relatively fast.

Risks of Using Antibiotics for UTIs:

While taking antibiotics for a UTI can help alleviate the problem effectively and quickly, you may have an allergic reaction to them. Some of the side effects of using antibiotics to treat a UTI include headaches, diarrhea, rashes, nausea, and vomiting. Introducing antibiotics to your system can also create more potent strains of bacteria that can develop a resistance to antibiotics.

Every time you use this treatment, you risk having your body become used to it, leaving some antibiotics ineffective for getting rid of UTIs. Antibiotics are also known to damage good bacteria living in your bladder. Introducing probiotics for UTIs may be a way to avoid hurting good bacteria and provide a remedy to combat an infection. Combining this with several methods used to treat UTIs without antibiotics may be advantageous.

Methods Used to Treat UTIs Without Antibiotics:

Attempting to treat UTIs without taking antibiotics may be an alternative you can use to get rid of infection naturally without introducing medicine. One of the first methods is staying hydrated and making sure your body is getting plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps dilute your urine, making it more challenging for bacteria to remain established in your urinary system. Drinking 6 to 8 tall glasses of water daily is recommended.

Drinking cranberry juice and increasing the amount of vitamin C your body gets can also be beneficial in improving your body’s ability to fight UTIs. Cranberry juice has antioxidants with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Using probiotics for UTIs can also help keep your bladder free from bad bacteria. Eating sauerkraut, yogurt and kefir are recommended.

In some instances, you may require a dose of antibiotics to help your urinary tract system fight infection. However, it definitely won’t hurt your body to try one or more of the natural methods suggested. Doing all you can to get your urinary tract system functioning properly is essential to maintaining good health.

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