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Yellow iPhone11 Fix green yellow screen in iPhone 11

by Eric

Some iPhone models like XS max, 11 pro max are facing this unique problem in which the mobile screen seems a little bit yellowish and shows green tints. Users complain about this problem and apple knows that some models are facing this strange problem. In this problem, the screen is more yellowish than normal and seems warmer in color. This problem is reported by the user even if the true tone is activated. This problem is sometimes worst when it disturbs the eyes.  This problem also exists when a user uses extra brightness and screen settings and turns them off. This problem mostly happens in iPhone 11 called iPhone 11 yellow or yellow iPhone 11. Read more about macOS Catalina vs Big Sur.

Verify the problem:

If you think you are facing this problem you can check it and verify it. You are not alone in who is facing this problem this problem is reported by several users of iPhone 11 pro max. If you see your iPhone 11  yellow you can follow these methods to verify that actually, it’s due to the yellow screen problem.

  1. First of all open settings then turn on auto-brightness mode.
  2. Use an area that has a bright light source to verify this problem. You can also use the torchlight of another phone to confirm the problem.
  3. Let your iPhone turn off its screen by itself.
  4. Now tap on your iPhone screen to wake it up.
  5. After tapping immediately you will notice a green tint on your iPhone’s screen only for 2 seconds.
  6. After this screen will become normal again.
  7. You can check the yellow screen of your iPhone 11 pro max by comparing it to another phone’s display if it is available.

 Remove iPhone 11 yellow screen:

Fortunately, it is possible to restore a normal screen on your iPhone 11 pro max which does not give a green-yellow tint.

There are two possible ways to solve the problem. If you want to make the following adjustments keep in mind that your software must be updated to the latest version but you can follow similar steps for the IOS lower.

First of all, turn off the true tone if it is on. You can turn it off by following instructions:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then tap display and brightness
  3. Tap “true tone” to off.
  4. You can also turn it off by tapping the brightness icon for a long time in the control center and then turn off the true tone from there.

Now you can set your desired color by following these instructions:

  1. Open settings and tap accessibility.
  2. Go to Display and text size
  3. Tap color filters and turn them on.
  4. Then tap color tint to check the screen.
  5. There are now two options on screen through which you can adjust your iPhone’s yellow screen to normal.
  6. First of all slide the “Intensity” to zero or you can slide a little right to adjust.
  7. After it slides the “Hue” towards the right you can slide to 75% or more than it.

You can slide on your own towards the right and left to adjust the colors you like.

Final words:

After following these instructions you will notice that a strange problem has been gone and your screen becomes normal again with suitable display color. If your display remains the same your phone is facing some other issues that are not related to iPhone 11 yellow. You need hardware changes to solve that. I hope this information will be beneficial for you. For more information keep visiting us. Stay healthy stay safe!

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