Wise Solution Windows Reseller Hosting: Earn Extra as a Freelancer
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Wise Solution Windows Reseller Hosting: Earn Extra as a Freelancer

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Are you finding ways to generate extra income as a freelancer? Or, Do you wish to start your side business? If so, then now you have the opportunity to work as a Wise Solution Reseller Hosting. The company provides a way for you to begin providing web hosting services to your end customers. If you are a web developer or designer, this will be an excellent and highly profitable add-on to your existing services. 

As a beginner, you can acquire the windows reseller hosting plan from the Wise Solution at the most affordable cost. You do not require to build anything from scratch or set up any infrastructure and data center. All you need to do is resell the hosting services by being anywhere around the world that you purchase. 

Moreover, since the Wise Solution is offering Windows OS with reseller hosting plans, any user can access the hosting environment effortlessly. That is because Windows provides the GUI (Graphical-user interface) for its users and supports Microsoft and most common applications. Let us further give you insights into the company and its amazing Windows reseller hosting packages.

About Wise Solution

Wise Solution is the fastest-advancing web hosting company in India. It is profoundly renowned for providing the most reliable, secure and advanced web hosting services. It has also acquired recognition through many awards for the same. Moreover, the company offers highly flexible and best windows reseller hosting with hyper-scale and top-notch facilities. It aims to provide everything required to raise and intensify your reselling business successfully with minimal cost. You can easily traverse your business geographically with seamless network connectivity and enterprise-grade hardware support from the company. 

Wise Solution Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Plans

Wise Solution Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Plans

The company offers a broad range of Windows reseller hosting plans. You will acquire the opportunity to buy the most suitable one based on your customer needs. Furthermore, you can scale up the resources or upgrade the purchased plan quickly with the growth of your business. The company enables you to do this easily without putting a halt to the ongoing activities of your reselling business. Your customers also can keep utilizing your hosting services without facing any downtime or disturbance while the scaling or upgrading process happens. Check out below the astounding features of the Windows reseller hosting offered by the company. 

Features of Wise Solution Windows Reseller Hosting

Unlimited website hosting

You will be able to build multiple cPanel accounts under the Wise Solution Windows reseller hosting plan. Under a single cPanel account, you can host many domains without any obstructions and conditions. Each cPanel account will provide you with a dedicated IP address domain and independent dedicated resources. 

100% White Labeled System

You will have the White Label Services from the company. This will permit you to legally resell the hosting services under your company or brand name. The identity of the parent company will remain hidden from your end customers. 

100% SSD Storage

The company provides the SSD(Solid State Drive) instead of HDD(Hard Disk Drive) for data storage in order to boost your web business performance. It will also ensure high and effective speed to serve your customers the one-click, faster web page load experience.

Web Host Manager

You will gain the Web Host Management tool (WHM) with the Windows reseller hosting. It will let you easily control and manage resource-consuming applications, unlimited websites, emails, and much more with just a click. 

Free website builder

Your web business will also obtain the free website builder to create sites with utmost ease. You will be able to create an efficient and attractive website even if you do not know any strong programming skills and coding.  

One-click installer

With the company’s Windows reseller hosting, you will get the possibility to install the required applications within a second. Wise Solution provides a Softaculous one-click installer that enables you to install applications, for example, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc., with one click.


Advantages of Choosing Wise Solution Reseller Hosting Windows

The Wise Solution guarantees the following benefits with all its Windows reseller hosting packages. Let’s have a quick peek at them!

  • The company provides a 7-days money-back policy in order to ensure that you do not put your investment in unsatisfied services. 
  • Your web business will have 100% site uptime assurance with the server monitoring services. 
  • You will have the freedom to make use of easy data migration services. You can shift or migrate from one server to another easily as and when you desire. 
  • You will have 24//365 technical support from highly skilled and certified experts who provide quick and most accessible solutions. Also, you will be able to reach out to them via various mediums – Whatsapp, Skype, Phone, etc. 
  • The company offers you the choice to pick the data center nearest to the location you want.  
  • You will obtain the Plesk control panel with the Windows reseller hosting plan to smoothly handle the server configuration and customization. 
  • Wise Solution provides the Cloudflare CDN(Content Delivery Network) Services for optimizing your business performance. Along with this, you will also receive DDoS mitigation, data encryption, and high network security measures for complete data security. 
  • Your web business will attain the free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to secure your website by migrating it from HTTP to HTTPS. 


The Wise Solution Windows reseller hosting serves as an ideal choice to earn additional income by being wherever you are. You can either resell the company’s pre-configured hosting packages directly or customize them as per your customers’ necessities before reselling. Moreover, you will obtain high-quality reselling plans at the cheapest rates possible from the company.

Connect now with the Wise Solution professionals to learn more about the reseller hosting services or resolve your queries. They are available round-the-clock through customer support to give a quick response to your inquiries. You can also browse the company’s official website to acquire details about its top-leading Windows reseller hosting facilities – https://www.wisesolution.in/windows-reseller-hosting


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