Why to Trust Online PDF Converters?
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Why to Trust Online PDF Converters?

by Eric

Since the beginning of the internet, many devoted online users have been concerned about internet security and are still confused about Why to Trust Online PDF Converters? Numerous criminal operations that steal personal information from thousands of users are reported every day, not to mention what goes on with other social media platforms. People use internet platforms with extreme caution as a result of this. But it really is inevitable.

For instance, if you work in an office and manage a lot of paperwork, you will need to use a variety of internet tools to aid you.

One of the most commonly used tools is an online PDF converter. It is often used by professionals who always use PDF for their confidential documents and memos.

What are online PDF converters?

An online PDF converter is a web-based platform that allows you to perform various maintenance and management features for PDFs. You can convert word to pdf free of charge on these platforms. People prefer to use it because it doesn’t cost them any penny compared to downloading a paid software which basically does the same thing.


One of the most reliable PDF converters is PDFBear. It’s a website that offers various tools to modify a PDF file. Aside from MS Word, you can also convert other documents to PDF such as spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, and images. With this tool, you can also edit the contents of your PDF files without converting them back to the original file. There are also personalization tools where you can add watermark and page numbers.

Other features include: combining multiple PDF files, extracting single pages from an entire PDF document, adding a password and removing them, and signing PDFs without physically printing them. It’s an all-in-one tool for all your PDF maintenance needs.

What to check before using online PDF tools?

Of course, since it’s a web-based tool, it’s important to make sure that you are accessing a legitimate site. While you may have hesitations using an online platform, you can do some basic checking to ensure that you are using the right tool. Here are some of the factors that you can initially check.

1. Check the site’s URL

Make sure that the platform is using a secured website. The site’s URL should start with “https://” which means that the site is secured. If the online platform does not have that, then it’s time to look for another one. The security certificate is a guarantee that the website cannot easily be hacked and is protected from any Internet horrors.

2. Make sure they are using a .com domain

Legitimate businesses always use a credible domain. Hence, the online PDF tool that you’re using must have a .com domain. In that way, you’re sure that it’s a credible website. Some of the unpopular sites have .biz, .info, and more. These sites are a little sketchy so it’s better if you will avoid using them.

3. Look for the secure padlock icon

Another security protection that you need to check is the secure padlock icon in the address bar. Once you click the icon, you will get more information about the website’s security protection. You can also personalize some of the settings to know which information are you allowing to be shared on the website. It’s an added protection to make sure that you will not encounter any malicious activities.

4. Review the Privacy Policy

Once you have verified the three items above, it’s now time to check out the company’s Privacy Policy. Fine prints are something that most users do not bother reading. However, these rich texts can actually protect you. Make sure that the website is using a secured software that deletes your data and personal information after using the platform. In that way, you’re sure that no one else will have access to it.

5. Avoid clicking on advertisements

Websites will inevitably have advertisements. But as much as possible, read each hyperlink carefully and avoid clicking advertisements and providing information. PDFBear, for example, will not ask you for any information if you’re using the basic services.

6. There shouldn’t be any redirection

An online PDF tool should not have any redirection of pages. If you need to download the converted file, it should not open another page and bring you a different page. If that happens, it’s time to switch. All processes have to happen on the same website with the same web address.

7. The content should be reliable

One of the most important things to consider is the content. A credible website should not have any grammatical and syntax errors. Every legitimate company will make sure that the contents of their websites are created professionally and correctly.

A reliable all-in-one PDF tool is PDFBear.

Check out PDFBear if you’re seeking for a reliable and secure online PDF tool and to know Why to Trust Online PDF Converters? They provide a number of options, including the ability to convert Word documents to PDFs without charging you anything. To find out more, go to their website.

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