Why to Drink More And More Water?
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Why to Drink More And More Water?

by Eric

Why to Drink More And More Water? No one can’t possibly imagine their life without water. It is not just a mere necessity but the very foundation of our lives. So much so that we can survive without food for a day but not without water. Our body needs water to perform well and to exist. It is said 70 percent of body fluids are made up of water. Not just that but also living beings need water for their survival. The inadequate consumption of water or the consumption of polluted water is one of the primary reasons why we humans often fall prey to some of the deadly diseases.

As not all local gift stores dealing in gifts for my husband, wife, and either such relations will have a proper filtered drinking water system to offer your pure water. If you are working late at your office, make sure to have your water bottles or mugs filled with water every few minutes by the office peon. Have some fruits and vegetables which are filled with water. Prepare yourself a water consumption chart and make sure to abide by it. Anyways, let’s discuss some reasons as to why we should drink more and more water. Read on to find out more!

  • Water Takes Care Of Our Mind– Inadequate drinking of water can affect our brain or mind negatively. Even mild levels of dehydration can spoil your mood and can thereby affect the functioning of every young child’s and older individual’s brain. Eventually can even lead to causing heart stroke. Other than that dehydration is said to cause concentration, alertness, and short-term memory, and fatigue. So drink lots of water!
  • Improves Physical Performance– Our body gets completely drained out of water when we exercise, which further leads to dehydration. This is causing some changes in your bodily performance and endurance related activities and can end up causing exhaustion and inability to perform any particular physical activity. So it is advised to drink lots of water before and after one task for some physical activity. It tends to improve or better performance. It somewhat energizes them.
  • Keeps Our Kidneys Healthy– We have been taught in biology that kidneys control water balance and blood pressure. They also expel the waste out of our bodies. If you don’t drink much water, then our bodies won’t be able to support its function. As an outcome of which, the toxins will end up staying inside our bodies. So drink lots of water to prevent the buildup of waste inside your body and some harmful minerals which end up causing kidney stones. Read more
  • Prevent Headaches– If you are having too many headaches lately that is because you are consuming less water. Often due to dehydration, we feel irritation and inability to concentrate on some tasks and which triggers headaches. So drink more and more water to say bye-bye to all your headaches from now on.
  • Keeps Our Body Moving– Water is very important for our digestion process. Our bowel system keeps moving because of water and some soluble fat and fiber. It helps to eliminate the waste from our bodies and saves us from damaging the gut by causing inflammation and irritation. Many pieces of research have shown it also helps in weight loss.
  • Helps In Skincare– Want your skin to glow? Many skincare and beauty magazines have emphasized the secret to glowing skin and flushing the toxins out is through water consumption. From acne, dark circles, and pimples everything can be treated with water consumption. That is why it is said you should carry your water bottles whenever you hit the streets even for a while looking for some Valentine’s gifts for men or women.

So, we guess you are convinced now! Go and drink some water! 🙂

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