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Why Should One Install Artificial Grass In The Backyard?

by Eric

Every house owner dreams of having a lovely and exquisite lush green lawn in the backyard. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the tireless and fatiguing efforts needed to mow and water the lawn. The best key to avoiding such tiresome work and having an aesthetic backyard is installing artificial grass on it.

These synthetic lawns are made from artificial fibers, which give them the natural appearance of grass. Primarily used for sports arenas like cricket, football, or hockey, they have also found their applications in commercial and residential settings.

It is possible to use artificial grass for backyard to make a kid’s play area, gazebo, pet area, or cozy dining area in your yard. There are many creative ideas to install artificial turf around your house or outside it that wouldn’t have come into your mind before.

What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass consists of a layer of synthetic fibers bound together to appear like natural lawns. Its primary application is in sports arenas as it is easy to maintain. These turfs can handle heavy usage and do not require mowing or trimming.

Additionally, it is now also being used by many families to decorate their houses and patios. Even community parks have installed them in their children’s play areas and pet areas as they are safe for kids and animals. Read more about 50 Shades of Green: Interesting facts

With technological advancement, the production of these synthetic grasses has evolved from toxic lead-including raw materials to non-toxic fibers. Moreover, there is also a significant change in installing these artificial lawns.

The process of producing artificial grass for the backyard is similar to that of a carpet. Both equip a giant tufting machine and various needles that push the fiber strands into a large piece of fabric lining. The fibers are then glued to the backing using an adhesive.

Reasons To Consider Installing Artificial Grass In The Backyard

Installing synthetic grass is way better than the real one that furnishes your backyard with exotic styles and colors. Here are some top reasons to use artificial grass in the backyard.

Easier Maintenance

Synthetic lawns require minimal labor, including only removing debris and brushing the yard to maintain its elegance and durability. Caring for a natural lawn is tedious as one needs to perform several tasks like mowing, watering, seeding, fertilizing, and many more. It is evident that an artificial lawn involves comparatively lower maintenance costs and efforts than a real, natural one.

Minimum Watering

Artificial Grass

Living grass requires water daily to sustain and prepare its food through photosynthesis. Some may need watering once a day, whereas others may need it twice. Hence, one needs to water them every day without forgetting. Fortunately, artificial lawns seldom need to be rinsed. Also, one needs water only when one wants to clean them. All it requires is rinsing the yarns for ten to fifteen seconds, and all the dirt stuck in them is rinsed off easily.


Natural grass is home to various pests and insects. Moreover, treating them requires using chemical pesticides and insecticides that are potentially harmful to one’s health. On the contrary, the yarn blades on man-made turfs drive fleas and insects away. Hence, making it a safer option to install in the backyard for kids and pets playing on it. Many public parks have also started using artificial grass for the safety of children and pets.


Artificial turfs save you a great deal of time, money, and effort on lawn care. One only needs to remove dirt and debris once in a while and rinse the turf twice a month. Though one can think of many alternatives to natural lawns, artificial turfs stand out amongst them all. They are durable and offer an aesthetic and pleasant appearance to your backyard year-round. They are perfect for kids and pets to have fun while playing safely.

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