Importance of Professional Pest Control
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Importance of Professional Pest Control

by Eric

Importance of Professional Pest Control

You might wonder why you need pest control in Johannesburg. because they are bothersome, contagious, and a source of insomnia. Any animal or insect that poses a threat to people, their food, or their living conditions is considered a pest. They might ruin crops, harm property, or, worst of all, complicate our lives. These annoying pests can be found practically anywhere, both inside and outside of commercial and residential buildings. In Roodepoort, frequent household pests include termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, and ants. In Roodepoort, there are professionals who specialise in commercial pest control that can assist you in getting rid of any pest and avoiding further infestations.

Different Types of Pests

before dicussing importance of professional pest control we have discussed some of its types;

  • Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small parasitic organisms that belong to the Cimicidae family. They feed on human blood, warm-blooded mammals, and birds. Bed bugs most commonly make their habitat in beds and mattresses found in households and other common areas where people sleep. They are most active during the night and just before dawn. One misconception among people regarding bed bugs is that they infest untidy households or workplaces. But that is not true. Bed bugs can invade even the cleanest places of dwellings. Bed bugs extermination requires a holistic approach. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a professional pest control provider in Roodepoort, South Africa to make sure they are completely exterminated. The pest control use methods such as the use of pesticides, vacuuming and steaming to exterminate bed bugs. Read more

  • Cockroaches

There are roughly 4000 species of cockroaches in the globe, and four of them are notorious pests because they are frequently found in populated areas. Cockroaches are hardy bugs that can withstand days without their heads and subfreezing conditions. A lot of Roodepoort and Johannesburg have wood cockroaches. Cockroaches carry bacteria that cause illness, such as Salmonella and E, despite not being lethal. That might be fatal coli. It can be quite difficult to get rid of them with regular household remedies once an infestation has been found.

There are other more severe infestations caused by pests such as ant and termite colonies, rodents. For successful identification of a pest infestation, their extermination, and future prevention you must find a professional pest control agency in Johannesburg. Pest control agencies in Sandton provide expert pest control solutions with long-lasting results.

Different Pest Control Services:

  • Fumigation Services

Fumigation is a procedure in which a fumigant, which is a pesticide, is kept in high pressure in the gaseous state to be sprayed on pests and their infestations. The infested area first is completely sealed off and filled with the pesticide gas to exterminate the pest infestations. Since fumigation involves pesticides that are made of industrial chemicals, it is only performed by a licensed pest control agency in Roodepoort. Fumigation though lethal to pests is harmless to humans, pets, and plants around the dwelling area. There are different types of fumigation such as Stack Fumigation, Container Fumigation, Ship Fumigation, and Silo Fumigation.

  • Poisoned Bait

Poisoned bait is a pest control method used by pest control agencies to exterminate rodents such as rats. Rats are baited into a poisoned trap, usually food. However, caution is practised by the pest control service provider in Johannesburg that the rat must not be eaten by another larger animal. Since the rat is poisoned, it becomes lethal for any animal who prey on rats for their food.

  • Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of exterminating the infestation of pests. The biological pest control method is widely used by the pest control in Roodepoort at affordable prices to control mosquitoes, ants and termites, wasps and hornets, and rodents. The goal of the pest control agency to eradicate the infestation by least affecting the human dwelling biologically.


A more sophisticated method of controlling pest infestations, including those caused by fruit flies, the pink bollworm, and codling moth, is sterilisation. Before being released into the environment to procreate in large numbers, pest insects are first sterilised using X-rays. Sterilization is done for pest management by expert pest control companies in Sandton.

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