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What to Know About New Window Installations

by Eric

The windows in any home serve a variety of purposes. They not only let natural light into your living spaces, but they can also round out your design aesthetic and act as focal features in the home. If you live in an older home, you’ve likely noticed your current windows are outdated, both stylistically and in terms of current city codes.

That’s where the importance of replacement window installation comes into play. Investing in new windows will not only benefit your home from a design and resale perspective, but this type of project can significantly reduce your electricity payments.

So, what exactly should you know about window replacements and installation? Let’s take a look.

There are Multiple Styles to Choose From

When we think of design, we often overlook our windows. We don’t tend to think of this part of the home as having its own aesthetic contributions. The reality is that there are numerous styles to choose from — from the popular single or double-hung style to grand picture or bay windows.

So, before you call a professional window installation company, you want to ensure you’ve settled on a design. Are you looking to open your windows to let air in when the weather is nice? Or do you have a beautiful view from your living room that you want to showcase unobstructed? These types of questions will help you narrow down your choices.

How Many Windows Should You Replace at Once?

Like any home renovation project, window replacement can become quite expensive if you’re replacing all of the units in your home at once. If you have a strict budget, you don’t have to instagram dp downloader stretch yourself thin just to get it done in one shot. Instead, you may wish to start with the windows that are visible from the front exterior of your home. When you’re able to save more money, you can work on the windows at the back of the home and in areas like the basement.

Window Installations

Choosing the Right Glazing

There are two common types of window glazes — a 2-coat Low-E and a 3-coat Low-E. Each glaze is often available with or without krypton or argon gas filling. The right window glaze will ultimately depend on your current climate. If you live in a warm climate where cooling is a priority, a 3-coat Low-E is ideal as it offers the best U-value and reduces the most heat gained from the sun. In cooler climates, the 2-coat Low-E glaze allows greater heat gains during the winter months while providing quality U-value and insulation.

The Right Installation Matters

When it comes to replacing essential components of your home, like your windows and doors, choosing quality service over cost is essential. That’s why starting with sections of your home at a time might be the best choice — you want to ensure you’ve chosen a window replacement company that has the experience and resources to complete the job safely and effectively.

Look at company reviews, ask for testimonials directly from the company, and gather multiple quotes to confirm you’re getting the best value for your money.

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