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What Is the Latest iPhone That’s Available Today?

by Eric
What Is the Latest iPhone That’s Available Today?

There are many reasons to buy the latest Apple device and replace your old one. Some of these include faster processing power, faster graphics power, better cameras, and more. Each year seems like a good time to upgrade when your own model is a couple of years old. Some people prefer to keep their smartphones for a long time, while others prefer to have the latest and greatest available at any given moment.

If you’re wondering what the latest iPhone you can buy right now is, it’s, of course, the iPhone 12 and Pro devices. This is the newest redesign that will probably last a few years, making it a great time for you to upgrade.

What Is the Latest iPhone That’s Available Today?

iPhone 12 Features for 5.4″ and 6.1″ Models

Besides the new displays and the redesign, these models also have 5G capability that currently goes up to a massive 2 Gbp/s in some areas. Still, most areas will get a speed that’s significantly better than their 4G service. This is particularly important when it comes to streaming, downloading, and uploading large videos. Of course, LTE networks are still available as a backup if 5G isn’t working or isn’t available.

There’s also the Super Retina XDR screen available in the baseline devices. Previously, it was only available in the Pro models as an added feature. This makes for 460 PPI in the 6.1-inch and 476 PPI in the 5.4-inch. During HDR mode, the brightness goes up to 1200 nits, but it’s usually up to 625 nits for everyday usage, including browsing the web and social media. This makes for an incredible viewing experience, no matter what you’re doing.

As always, the camera comes in with an upgrade. It allows for great photos with its 12MP dual-camera system, similar to the trend that started with the iPhone X in late 2017. It also has an improved night mode that allows you to take great pictures in the dark. This is probably the biggest upgrade in this area. Of course, the processor is also improved with the A14 Apple Bionic CPU that gets upgraded every year, providing 20% more performance than the A13.

iPhone 12 Pro Features for 6.1″ and 6.7″ Models

These smartphones have everything that the baseline devices have, including 5G, the A14 Bionic processor, and more. Plus, they have extra features. For one, the 6.7-inch smartphone is only available in the Pro version, giving you much more display real estate for movies, games, and documents if this is your only mobile device. A stainless steel design makes for a premium feel. You’re also getting a better camera, with the best being in the Pro Max version.

What Is the Latest iPhone That’s Available Today?

In Conclusion

Just about all smartphone users consider the latest iPhone device you can buy when looking to upgrade. It’s important to see whether getting the new one is worth it when one already has such an iOS smartphone. However, make sure you go with a reputable dealer or carrier when buying your technology, so you have the best customer service experience possible in case anything goes wrong.

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