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What is Anon-IB? | Why it is seized by Dutch Police?

by Eric

Anon-IB was a free, anonymous bulletin board where users could send images and where topics and locations were sorted. It was a component of an online community where people exchanged pictures like trading cards.

Dreadful database that might ruin your life

Anon-IB has risen from the dead, a terrible database that men can imitate (often at a certain age) and is caught by name and place. Women are preparing to kill it entirely before it claims any more lives on Reddit and TikTok.

Tia, a 21-year-old Rhode Islander, was observed opening her online images for the first time this time after a man she knew DM hooked up with.

At first, she didn’t believe him – she was always sharing her nudes with her ex – but the man kept sending her the same link several times. Finally, he struck it down.

As soon as he did, he came across a picture of his naked body on a website called Anon-IB. She slipped down to see not other female characters, but pictures of girls she had graduated from high school. Shocked and disturbed, he warned the six girls he knew. Everyone was at the age of photography (Tia was 16 years old at the time). Worse still, each photo was accompanied by their name and location.

“We were all completely destroyed because it was something close that was just designed that was worth another, and now obscene men go for it,” Tia tells me about Zoom. All the boys in school knew about it – they did it. Even those who did not do so would see or hear about it. ” Read more

Tia’s confidence that her ex-boyfriend had released the photos. “It’s heartbreaking because you think you’re dating someone for a second, and then the deception destroys you,” she says. She assumes that she saw their divorce as an opportunity to give to Anon-IB, a well-known and controversial site that organizes non-consensual sending nudes in a global database organized by name and, more importantly, location. Because of this, women on this site can be followed down by people who know where they live, work, or go to school.

Like Tia, there are thousands of girls which had found their nudes and hot pics at Anon-IB. This is really terrific and dangerous for those girls’ reputations. However dutch police take action against this site and banned their servers to prevent this shit.

Seized the Anon-IB servers

Last week, Dutch police banned unidentified servers image board Anon-IB, after a year-long investigation.

The photo board has a reputation for being used as a substitute for porn and for threads sold by members who posted images of women.

Anon-creator IB’s Review’s

Although it appears to be a severe issue for pornographic sites, the proprietors of Anon-IB claim they may not re-launch the site. As a result, its users have relocated to other platforms, such Discord, to start afresh.

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