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What is a CPAP Lawsuit? And Who can File It?

by Eric

In 2021, many Philips CPAP lawsuit was filed. Philips recalled its CPAP and BiPAP ventilators causing lung infection, respiratory disorder, injury, and even life-threatening diseases like cancer. The FDA has Recalled Philips CPAP under the Class 1 category. There was so many CPAP cancer lawsuit filed at the beginning of 2021 that the CPAP issued a release stating that they would be recalling the products and replacing all the CPAP devices.

So much has been talked about the device and its repercussions that people are filled with anger. Before you know why you need to file a lawsuit, you need to understand the conditions under which you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

Why do you need to file a CPAP lawsuit?

People who have trouble while sleeping at night because of breathing issues usually reach out for CPAP devices. The breathing disorder is known as Sleep Apnea, and millions of people in the United States have been using CPAP and Bi-Level PAP machines to maintain air pressure.

Philips Respironics is the leading manufacturer of the devices and has had a successful run for many years. But in 2021, when cancer cases were reported due to continued usage of their products, the company immediately took action and requested its current users to discontinue immediately. However, the families who have been affected by CPAP devices are troubled with the company and have filed thousands of lawsuits against them. Read more about Useful tips for hiring A Family Law Attorney?

How to know that CPAP is affecting your health?

The best way to recognize whether you have been affected by a CPAP device is to see your doctor. However, the following symptoms can indicate that you might have some trouble. you must immediately consult a doctor if you experience problems like:

  • Irritation in respirators track
  • Irritation and pain in the eye
  • Chest pressure or pain
  • Sinus or constant sneezing
  • Nausea
  • Coughing and dizziness

Why do you need to file a lawsuit?

Suppose you have been affected by using CPAP devices; you and your family deserve compensation for the loss and damage you have incurred. A lawyer will be a much better option to choose if you want to fight a legal battle. Product liability lawsuits go for years and years, and you need to take the right action at the right time.

A lawyer will guide you and collect more evidence supporting your case. The lawyer will help you get compensation for treatment expenses, medical expenses, loss of wages, mental and physical trauma, loss of life, any additional medical devices installed to assist you with the condition, and more. Therefore, you must not ignore the situation and quickly hire an attorney to file a CPAP cancer lawsuit. So, search for attorneys that have specifically fought product and drug liability cases. Also, do a quick check on the attorney’s success rate and how many positive reviews they have received. This will help you understand and decide whether you should hire them or look for another attorney.

Also, a quick update on the Philips CPAP devices, the company has started its replacement program on 1 September 2021. The company plans to replace the proper abatement foam with better and safe material. You can study the details of the Philips replacement plan online and discuss it with your attorney to find out what you should do about your current machines. There is a possibility that laws regarding the CPAP product might change in the future. So, whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or not, do not take any decision without consulting your attorney.

The attorney will keep you updated with any new changes made to implement the CPAP product liability laws.

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