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What does the timer mean on Snapchat?

by Eric

What does the timer mean on Snapchat?

Some people see a timer emoji next to their friend’s name on Snapchat, some ignore it, but some people remain very curious to know about its reasons. They do different searches on google and youtube. Here we will provide you with the most genuine reason for this happening. When you send a snap continuously for two or three days, this becomes a snap streak, which is shown by the fire emoji on the next name of your friend to whom you send the streak. As you all know that the snap streak may end after the completion of 24 hours, and if it happens your snapstreak may break and you may start the process again from the beginning.

But this timer emoji helps you to know how much time is left I the end of your snap streak, which can as a reminder or alarm to aware you of the situation and also convince you to do something to save your snap streak. The remaining time from 24 hours, is also mentioned along with this timer emoji. It often happens that you keep on sending streaks to so many friends, that you forget with whom your streak is about to end, but this timer emoji enables you to save your progress and maintain your performance. This also ensures the continuity of the friendship streak and enables you to get closer to your friend and become best friends.

How long does the timer emoji last on Snapchat?

As this timer is just a warning, which remains on your screen on the next of the name of your friend until the snap streak came to an end. In simple word, this timer emoji lasts for about 24 hours and after this time it gets disappear and your progress will lose and your snapstreak also broke. This timer emoji may also disappear if you take some action and remained successful in saving your progress. Read more about How to get your streak back on Snapchat in 2022?

 What you should do to avoid timer emojis on Snapchat?

Some people remain active all the time and do not need any warning or alarm to do this. They are very well familiar with the way to avoid this emoji. Some avoid it intentionally but some are unaware of the fact of what does the timer mean on Snapchat. If you want to avoid this timer emoji, you should send a snap (not a chat) to your friend once or twice in 12 hours, because the less time is left before the end of the 24 hours, the more chances of this timer emoji coming.

How does the story timer work on Snapchat?

This story timer is somehow different than the timer emoji present next to the names, but its functions are the same as it is basically a reminder about telling the ending time of your story that you have set on Snapchat for 24 hours. Every story gets disappears right after the 24 hours of setting that story. Read more about How to make money on Snapchat?

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