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What Are Social Mentions And How To Track Them?

by Eric

Whether you are a large business or a small brand, you probably have already started investing in social media marketing.  But, how will you know if your campaigns are engaging or not? Why is it even necessary? Well, deploying a marketing plan isn’t going to be enough. Aside from this, you will also need to see if it’s working or not. This way, you will know if you have to modify them or keep using the same for revenue generation.

Honestly, there are many ways to track the performance of your SMM campaigns. However, in our opinion, we’d say that monitoring your social mentions is the best one amongst them.

So, how are you going to do that?

By using a social mention tracking tool, of course! There are plenty of them, such as Mention, available on torrent sites like pirate bay. You can download a modded version of the same for free from here and use them for your purpose.

What Are Social Mentions?

In short, social mention is when your brand is mentioned or referenced by someone online. As the name implies, it usually happens on social media platforms. Nonetheless, in some cases, social mentions can be found on review websites, blogs, forums, etc., as well.

Although it may not seem as much, the result of a social mention can be pretty far-reaching, especially from a business’s perspective. Here are a few aspects that you can learn from this form of social media tracking aspect –

  • Consumer Sentiment: Through a social mention, you can see the tonality or attitude of your customers. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to check and compare the ratio between positive and negative sentiment towards your brand.
  • Reach: It is pretty simple. The more social mentions you have for your brand, the better your specific marketing campaign’s reach has been on the internet. You can deploy another counter operation to improve your outreach capabilities even more.
  • Engagement: We are talking about the interactions made in your post, including comments, likes, and shares. The more mentions you have (on your posts or other social updates), the higher your engagement level is. 

How To Keep Track Of Social Mentions? 

Tracking your social mentions is pretty easy. You can simply put on the links of your campaigns on a tool and find out all of the interactions in a single go.  However, that’s the easy part.

Once you find out the mentions, you will need to focus on the important metrics for your purpose. Here are some of the ones that matter most –

  • Clicks Per Post: It’s all about how many people have clicked on your post to read the content till the end. This way, you will know and determine the number of people who are interested in your social media post. 
  • Comments: People, who are comfortable and engaged in your post, will share their voices on the same as well. It’ll help you understand if your readers have liked the post or not. Depending on the situation, you can either follow through with similar updates or try out something else.
  • Shares: If your post is highly engaging and informative, people would like to share them through their social media profile. Hence, the more social media shares you have, the higher your proportion of engagement is. 

How Should You Tackle Social Media Mentions? 

Only tracking social media mentions will not be enough for the best of your business. Besides, you have to respond to them as carefully as possible. In this section, we will talk about three different types of social mentions and tell you how to reply to them aptly.

  • Positive: Whenever you get a positive social media mention, you should always give an appreciative reply. Sending a “thanks” or something related to the comment should work as a spark for you. 
  • Neutral: A neutral comment will be all about showing acknowledgment of the positive side of your business while being critical of the negative ones. Hence, it will be an excellent opportunity for you to collect feedback about your product or services.
  • Negative: The negative comments will offer you the opportunity to listen to your audience and potentially solve their problems. You can also show sympathy to the consumers or apologize to them to improve your reputational image.

Final Thoughts 

Social media marketing is all about engaging your audience, taking their suggestions, and responding to them. Hence, we’ll ask you to focus more on the conversational side than the advertising part of the post. This way, you can increase the overall number of social mentions for your brand or company pretty quickly.

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