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Water fed Pole New Way To Clean windows

by Eric

The Use of Water-Fed Poles in Window Cleaning Has Increased Significantly Water-fed pole and pole cleaning is quickly becoming the industry standard for window washing and cleaning worldwide. The elements of water fed pole window cleaning, equipment, and more will be covered in the text that follows.

With a series of jointed pole parts that can be connected with clamps to reach higher and higher areas on buildings and residential properties, water supplied pole window cleaning is performed.

These poles have various brushes, clamps, jets and other accessories that clean the windows and appropriate areas. Poles can be joined together to reach up to 54ft or more. The lightweight carbon fibre makeup means little fatigue from holding and using the poles over an extended period of time. This means working faster, longer and earning considerably more in the process.

This method of window washing is unquestionably taking over the window cleaning industry, with many window technicians recognising the benefits and jumping on board. It may look easy and straightforward to the eye, but there is a technique to clean windows using the Water Fed method.


The modular makeup of the carbon fibre water fed pole system uses a brush at the end. Water pumped through the pole hose washes away debris but still has to be thoroughly cleaned. Special deionised water also means the windows will dry virtually spot-free. The modular poles eliminate the need to use ladders reducing the risk if injury and damage to all properties. Also, the pure water to clean windows is totally harmless to each property with no chemicals or detergents.


The use of water fed poles makes ladders obsolete and unnecessary. Since technicians remain on the ground during window cleaning, the chances of injury are greatly diminished. The cleaning results are as good as if using a ladder to climb up to the window. Once you have your water accurately deionised leaving no spotting and all frames, glass and doors cleaned the end product is vastly superior to the traditional method of cleaning windows.

A Health and Safety Executive makes recommendations that water fed poles are the preferred method for window washing and cleaning. More and more window cleaning companies are moving to this system because of the significant reduction in injury and death.

The deionised water used in the carbon fibre water fed pole system has particulate and matter removed via a complex filtration system. This means detergents and potentially harsh are no longer necessary. The water passes through the filtration system which consists of a sediment filter. carbon filters and RO membranes. These are appropriate for hard water areas where PPM is very high and these ro systems can reduce the PPM significantly.


Since the water fed pole system is a vertical pole system, windows that are not on a vertical face cannot be cleaned with this particular system. Alternative, perhaps traditional, cleaning systems are necessary.

This system does take considerable time to do well. Often, multiple cleanings are necessary for an appropriate clean before regular maintenance will keep the windows looking good.

Unlike traditional window cleaning, windows remain wet. Evaporation and deionised water will leave the windows without streaks, but the process is not immediate.

Like any new system or purchase, there are upfront costs with the water fed pole system. This includes the equipment, poles, hoses, water-fed systems and training of technicians on proper use and technique.


Most of the purchases needed are one-time purchases. At a minimum, the following are necessary:

  • The modular carbon fibre water fed poles;
  • Brushes and jets;
  • Angle Adapters;
  • Hoses and hose reels;
  • Resin;
  • Filters;
  • Tanks and tank frames, particularly in the case of backpack systems;
  • Trailers, lorries or a van to carry equipment and technicians.

Initial expenses:

Depending on the needs of the individual consumer, prices change. Visit the website to view the possibilities available as we can work with any client and budget.

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