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Washing machine fire pit

by Eric

How does a washing machine fire pit works?

It is definitely a safe way to have a    fire in your garden without creating any mess or trouble. This fire can be used for various purposes like if you want to burn any useless thing, you can burn in it. If you burn these things in any other place, it is possible that the fire may spread and damage some useful objects and also cause a lot of trouble for you to handle this situation. You can convert various devices like washing machines, old washers, dryers, ionic boards, etc, into fire pits by applying a specific technique.

What is the procedure to make a fire pit from the washing machine?

Nothing is difficult to do as long as a certain method is adopted for it, as the right direction is very much more essential than your speed. So, for gaining correct knowledge about this process, have a look at the following tips, which may help you a lot in making a fire pit on your own.

  • Remove the plastic from the machine you want to use to make the fire pit.
  • If any part of your machine is sharp, use a strong hammer to bend it, because it may harm you and make you injured.
  • If you want to make your fire pit beautiful and attractive, you can use painter’s tape of different colors. You can also cover the pores of the washing machine by using these tapes if you want to do so. Fix tape diagonally or in a crisscross manner to give a unique appearance.
  • After painting the washing machine, you can spray it so that it will not rust and it will also look beautiful. But you should paint in a simple way by using a single color so that it seems to be comfortable and pleasant to the eyes. The paint should be applied very carefully so that bubbles do not form. Read more about Upholstery Cleaning Tips for you!
  • Also, wash the machine’s drum pipes and wipe them clean completely before painting.
  • When the paint is thoroughly dry, peel off the tape from the drum and you can see your design on the drum, which is printed permanently.
  • Attach the drum stands with it in the proper place, and after fixing all its screws, set it in its proper place. Your washing machine fire pit is completely ready, and you can now place fire in it and enjoy it safely.

Do you need to put something at the bottom of the fire pit?

Yes, of course, you have to put something in the bottom of it, but most people put sand. Then something has to be put on top of sand like pebbles or stones, to keep the fire burning. Some people used to put small bricks in their washing machine fire pit.

What is the role of rings in a washing machine fire pit?

These rings are used to maintain the structure of fire pits and to make them long-lasting and more comfortable. These rings not only make it stable but also play a key role in its protection.

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