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Unique Gifts for Your Ride or Die Bestie

by Eric

You’re trying to find the perfect gift for your bestie, but it seems like you’ve already gifted them practically every idea out there. Let’s face it, finding gifts for someone you love is either a breeze or something that you dread because you feel like you’ve already run through the things they enjoy. Whatever the occasion, the good news is that there are other unique gifts out there that your best friend will love. Keep reading on to consider a few different presents they’re sure to enjoy.

The one for the cat lover.

Your bestie has another bestie. However, this bestie is the furry feline kind! If your friend treats their cat like a family member, then this is the ideal gift for them. This eco-friendly cardboard cat house from cardboardcathomes.com is the perfect addition to their cat’s collection of accessories. Their variety of cat homes are made from double-walled cardboard pieces, and this cardboard is ideal for cats who love to stretch, scratch, and dig their claws into things.

Plus, depending on your friend’s feline’s unique personality, you get to choose from unique designs like a kitty pirate ship, cat castle, or a pineapple cat house! By going with one of these cardboard cat homes as a gift for your bestie, you’re showing that you know what they care more about. Not to mention you’re getting their furry friend a fun, exciting home that will get months of use.

The one who loves to ride a skateboard

What better idea than gifting roller skates to your bestie, so that he or she can cruise around the city? Roller skates are a fun gift to give anyone whether they are a teenager, an adult, or even an older person. A unique gift gives the receiver something that no one else has which is why roller skates make for an original and thoughtful gift idea. There are many different types of roller skates but the most popular type is inline skates. These are skates that have wheels on both sides of the skate which makes it easy to stop and go. Rollerblade skates also provide a fun way to glide across the ground without worrying about balance!

Roller skates are comfortable, convenient, and fun. Skating is a great way to keep in shape and burn calories. It’s also a fun way to release stress and have some laughs. Roller skating is also a great cardio workout. Some people even decide to do speed skating with rollerblades. Some roller skaters even use the skates to race around the rink.

The one for the trendsetter.

Everyone has one friend in their life who always rocks the most stylish clothes. If this is your friend, and they love buying new clothing, then one of these long dresses is the perfect addition to their wardrobe. These dresses come in many styles, prints, and patterns. Additionally, all of the dresses available through Chico’s sites are affordable without compromising on quality.

If your bestie is a discerning smoker, and you’re looking for a luxurious gift for him, then, cigars are a great option to consider. Considering their smoking taste you can easily find the best-suited type. Acid cigars, for example, can make for a truly special present, being ideal for those who love medium to full strength. They’re smooth and well-balanced, with savory and sophisticated characters. For beginner smokers or those who are keen on milder strength, there are El Rey Del Mundo, Fonseca, Romeo Y Julieta, and many other types to choose from.

The one for the aspiring baker.

You’re attempting to think out of the box with your gift-giving, so why not sit back and think about the things your best friend loves to do? If baking is a way to unwind and relax, then some baking tools might be a smart present idea. If you’re willing to spend a decent chunk of cash, then a stand mixer is an incredible addition to any aspiring baker’s kitchen.

The good news is that there is a wide array of brands that sell stand mixers, so you can find cheaper models for stand mixers that still get the job done. Regardless of your budget, a mixer of any caliber is an incredible gift that your baker-BFF will be more than elated to receive. Read more about 5 year anniversary gift ideas for your loved ones

The one for the coffee-lover.

Let’s figure you want to go for a practical gift. Your bestie hates receiving things they don’t need and items they likely won’t wear or use. The best option for your practical friend is to give them things they use daily. For example, if you know they’re an avid coffee lover, then coffee is a viable option.

Consider purchasing a bunch of assorted flavored coffees or even brands of coffees they’d love to try out. Then, put them all in a basket they can repurpose for another use. This way, they get a genuine variety of coffees to explore, a thoughtful gift, and a cup of coffee for every groggy morning.

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