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Unified experience a backbone to a healthier remote or hybrid work-culture currently

by REX

We observed a total shift to remote working in the early months of the pandemic.  Its really very  helpful to know about backbone to a healthier remote technique which can changed over time into a hybrid paradigm that combines on-site and remote work. People love both types of working, so I think the hybrid work paradigm is popular. According to a Microsoft survey, 74% of Indian employees prefer flexible work arrangements, but 73% of them also want to interact in person with their teams. The seismic shift to remote work or work-from-home as preceded by the pandemic back in 2020 is not going to go anywhere. It has been more than a year since organizations adapt to this transition and yielded better productivity and growth. As per reports, reopening during the times of the second wave, where infections are all-time high and lockdowns are likely in most parts of the world, leveraging new tools and resources to enable virtual collaborations and communications is the key to success for work-from-home or hybrid ecosystems. About 79% of employees say they are more productive than how it came along in mid-June last year.

Backbone to a healthier remote

Organizations that were averse to encouraging this shift at their workplaces are now catching up fast and showing interest to invest in technologies that can help them bring unified employee experience no matter where they are. Zapoj Workspaces rolls out dynamic features and capabilities to support employees to work from home or adapt to the hybrid environment. In essence, Zapoj is committed to helping organizations, especially those with limited resources to adopt new and sophisticated technologies and foster great employee engagement, experience, and most importantly productivity, and scalability.

Increasing learning opportunities for employees

When moving to remote culture, it is important your employees feel comfortable and encourage to contribute to the organizational growth without being clueless about their roles and responsibilities. Your managers preserve all rights to decide this. With Zapoj Workspaces, you can create team-specific channels which are private to your team only and conversations are encrypted so they can maintain the sanctity of your organizational value.

Your managers can easily create activities or initiatives for employees in the team channel and be specific about them. Besides specific roles and initiatives, managers can use these channels for onboarding, presentation of tasks so it is an easy understanding for your employees, and their time management is better to optimize.

Some great collaboration features streamline the complex process and support accurate resource allocation while helping them save time and money needed to implement remote work culture from the ground up. You can manage things by knowing backbone to a healthier remote strategy.

Bennefits of backbone to a healthier remote

Video Conferencing – It is a fast and scalable solution when it comes to presenting to or connecting with a large number of members of a team. Ask a question, progress on a specific task, or delegate task – all within the workspaces in face-to-face interaction without leaving the app. Video conferencing is ideal to conduct a webinar via screen-share that gives you much flexibility to help increase employee learning capacities. Therefore, your employees are more comfortable working at their own pace.

Employee Monitoring – It is also a very beneficial solution for enhancing the productivity of your employees. You can help out your employee by monitoring them. Your employees will be encouraged to contribute to the better productivity of your organizational goals. And for effective results, you should use a productivity tracker for monitoring your organization’s employees

Task Management – Zapoj Workspaces has a built-in task management feature. We need no cognition to understand why it is critical to the company’s growth. When your employees are working remotely, managers are not likely available to them all throughout the day. They need to catch up with stakeholders, need to keep them in the know about the progress of the ongoing tasks. Task management has details of what tasks an employee needs to perform. It provides clarity about its needs and goals. If an employee needs more explanation about it, she/he can immediately connect in one-on-one communication with the designated person via chat or voice call to have more visibility into it. This is how it paves the way for faster task accomplishment and contributes to customer satisfaction.

Zapoj Workspaces is transforming how employee engagement was though to be a few years ago. Today, it is encouraging great employee engagement and providing a unified employee experience that reshapes today’s work from home or hybrid work culture in a dramatic way. Human resource specialists are responsible for making the transition smoother for both organisations and individuals as more businesses bravely adopt this new working style. Here are some strategies human resource managers can use to create and maintain a productive hybrid workplace culture.



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