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Top 6 Benefits a Premium Copper Bathtub Can Provide

by Eric

So you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your bathroom. That’s awesome! For a unique bathing experience, copper bathtubs bring the beauty and extravagance you have ever wanted. Copper is the best material to use in your bathroom because it improves the visual appeal of any bathroom. The outcomes are noticeable, proven, and exceptional—so your house will look amazing.

Copper bathtubs are currently a favorite among most homeowners, as they come with striking aspects such as being simple to maintain, durable, retaining heat, and many more. At CopperSmith, you will find an array of well-designed copper bathtubs that suit your needs. Keep reading to understand the benefits a premium copper bathtub can provide.

1.     Premium Copper Bathtubs are Durable

The resilience and aspect of durability that comes with premium copper bathtubs are alarming. As a result, these tubs have a long lifespan and are not easily destroyed or scrubbed as the acrylic ones. You will not need to scrub the spots; rather, use a soft cloth to dry the copper sink. This means that these surfaces last longer compared to their counterparts, even if sharp objects scratch the surfaces.

2.     Retains Heat Easily

The element of copper in premium copper bathtubs contributes to their high heat retention. The results are noticeable, as copper bathtubs retain more moisture than acrylic tubs. This means the user will not keep adding water should they want an extended soak. This brings a relaxing bathing experience and reduces your monthly energy and water expenses.

3.     Simple to Maintain

Nowadays, the transition to copper bathtubs is impressive. Gone are the days when copper bathtubs were hectic to maintain. Myths are that the old-fashioned copper bathtub designs needed a tough scrub and polishing, damaging their look.
Luckily, the invention of premium copper bathtubs has entirely changed the narrative, as there are well-designed copper bathtubs that are simple to maintain. These premium copper bathtubs require simple wiping using gentle washing soap, a non-abrasive sponge, or a soft cloth. So why use a soft cloth? The soft fabric helps curb spots as you will dry the tub completely.

4.     Freestanding Features

Freestanding copper bathtubs give the user the liberty to locate them quickly. This allows one to remodel their bathroom or add a bathtub to a master bedroom. As a result, you and your partner can have fun and experience an extended soak before you head to bed. This means you can customize your tubs by adding a more fantastic look as you do away with conventional ones.

5.     Hygiene

Premium copper bathtubs are simple to clean, contributing to high hygiene in your bathroom and your entire home. Copper bathtubs are crucial bathroom add-ons as they keep off bacterial or mold growth, making them more hygienic.

6.     Luxury Soaking

Copper Bathtub

At CopperSmith, Premium copper bathtubs have extended lengths and depths compared to their counterparts. This enables the user to enjoy and have a fantastic bathing experience in the luxurious soak. These tubs bring unique heat retention benefits and an ideal luxury soaking feeling.


Premium copper bathtubs are add-ons to your bathrooms as they enhance your house look. Before buying these copper bathtubs, use this guide to understand their benefits. Copper bathtubs are not only solid and durable, but they are simple to maintain compared to their counterparts.

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