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Top 5 Ways To Make Real Money With TikTok For A Newbie

by Eric

Do you know how to make money with TikTok? In this article, you will learn about 5+ working methods of how to make money with TikTok right now, they will suit almost any channel – also, we will answer the question of how much TikTok pays for views.

Each of the methods is suitable for a channel of any topic. The main requirements will be the number of subscribers (Read more how to buy Tiktok followers), views, and likes. The more popular your channel is, the more you will earn. But if you have a small channel, then for such a channel there are a couple of simple ways to earn extra money.

In this article, I will try to describe each of the methods in the most concise and understandable form.

How much TikTok pays for views in 2021 – 2022?

This question is of interest to many, does TikTok pay for views? No, he doesn’t pay. Not so long ago, the leaders of Tik Tok organized a fund, and from this fund, they decided to pay money to Tik Tokers – though not large ones. At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, they paid about 15-30 dollars for 1 million views, some will say that it is not enough, but no one has canceled the main ways of earning, and besides, it is not so difficult to get Tiktok views!

– The developers of TikTok assure that the price per million views will keep getting higher and higher. Many bloggers combine TikTok earnings with Instagram earnings.

Method # 1 Make money by advertising other people’s profiles on Tik Tok:

Everything is painfully simple here, you need to mention other bloggers in your videos, for this we will receive money. The process takes place in the way that some beginner (musician, specialist, or so anyone) needs to quickly gain an audience.

To do this, he needs to order advertising from other bloggers, they will advertise him at the end of the video or devote a separate video to him, depending on the preferences of the customer. Approximate earnings of $5-$7 with the number of subscribers 50,000.

Method # 2 Earn in Tik Tok by monetizing live broadcasts:

I will tell you about 2 main ways, maybe even push you to an idea.

The first way is to stream games, just play games, comment, or reason. It is for this that you will receive money – more precisely, you will earn money by receiving donations and money from the display of advertising. The advantages of this method are the rapid growth of the channel. The second way is to launch live broadcasts, here it is important to position the audience. Well-known personalities or those who specialize in something do it well. You just need to tell about yourself, how the day went, answer questions from viewers, etc. – the main way of earning money is donations and advertising of various brands and projects. Read more about A Great Insightful TikTok Analytics Tips.

There are a lot of schemes and strategies for what to do in order for the viewer to pay more and more often! I will talk about them in other articles. To start a live broadcast, you must have at least 1 ton of subscribers on the channel.

Method # 3 How to make money with TikTok on cooperation with brands:

If your channel has surpassed the 10,000 subscriber mark, then there is an opportunity to start collaborating with various brands, mostly little known – cooperation with brands is not only profitable but also promising for the development of the channel, since the company may be interested in your promotion. By advertising their clothing, cosmetics, or other types of merchandise on your channel, you will receive money, and in some cases, free of charge for their products.

Earnings will depend on: the popularity of the channel, the reaction of subscribers to you and your content, the topic of the channel, and possibly other more detailed parameters.

Method # 4 Selling your own goods or services in Tik Tok:

If you are a good specialist in any field. For example, you are a good psychologist, professional builder, beautician, make-up artist, stylist, or designer. Then you can convert your knowledge and experience into money through Tik Tok.

To begin with, you need to recruit an interested audience to the channel and then sell master classes. For example, tickets to seminars or individual consultations, earnings for one consultation from a specialist can be with a check of $700. The price will depend on the field of activity and the professionalism of the specialist – with the sale of goods, things are about the same.

Method # 5 Earnings on the affiliate program in TikTok:

This method may seem a little cumbersome for newbies, but if you have a large audience then this method will really work for you.

The process is roughly the following, we register on the partner’s website, connect to the offer (we get a link to a product or service, maybe a game). After that, you need to post this link on Instagram or YouTube, since Tik Tok does not provide an opportunity to post links to third-party resources.

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