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Tips to Design Farmhouse Style Kitchen

by Eric

Creating a farmhouse-style setting is not that tricky. You need to use the right kitchen cabinets, island, and kitchen accessories to get a farmhouse-inspired ambiance. If you are confused and want to get a farmhouse look in your kitchen, read this article. Here we have mentioned some tips to help you get what you desire.

Wood Countertops:

Wood counters throughout the kitchen or even only on the island are the best option to create a classic farmhouse ambiance. The signs of age and wear help you get the feel and personality. You can also opt for affordable materials such as butcher blocks with a lavish feel yet are less expensive than solid or stone surfacing.

Two-Tone Cabinetry:

For a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, you can also install two-tone cabinetry. Mix cabinet colors that are also neutral give you a natural and modern feel. Look for online cabinets from different brands to find the right color combinations for your space.

To add a stylish touch, you can paint the island with a different color than your cabinets. This will help you get a complete farmhouse look.

Farmhouse Sink:

Of course, when you are upgrading your kitchen into farmhouse-style space, you need to consider your sink design and style. The farmhouse sinks give a natural feel to your kitchen space.

They are available in a range of materials such as cast iron and stainless steel. Besides that, a white porcelain sink is the best option of all. It gives you an instant farmhouse look that is prominent and noticeable. Read more about Best Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets.

Open Shelving or Glass Front Cabinets:

You can opt for a modern-day approach for the farmhouse-style kitchen by adding exposed plate racks, open shelving, or glass-front cabinetry.

This style helps you display your favorite kitchenware accents and dishes. It is best for a kitchen that has a beautiful set of white dishes and plates. Plus, these are also the best kitchen cabinets in terms of quality and functionality. They have a sophisticated and minimalist appeal that helps you create an aesthetic ambiance. Look for top brands like Walcraft Cabinetry that can offer you durable cabinets with amazing designs that complement a farmhouse-style kitchen.

Decorations and Accessories

The large kitchen elements will serve as the foundation of your new upgrade. But the actual transformation of the kitchen into a beautiful farmhouse space happens with the smaller decorations.

Here are some things that you can add up to your kitchen.

  • Glass canisters and mason jars
  • Vintage accents, vintage tools, wire baskets, old teacups, or chairs
  • Pot rack
  • Fresh flowers
  • Wood utensils
  • China hutch
  • White dishes
  • Butcher blocks
  • Cotton or linen dishcloths

However, keep in mind that over cluttering with several accessories and decorations will hurt the ambiance of your space.

Bottom Line:

Wood kitchen cabinets, farmhouse sink, neutral colors, antique or old accessories, and other things can help you transform your kitchen into a farmhouse-inspired space. You can easily purchase ready to assemble cabinets for sale online. Beyond kitchen cabinets, just look for things that can enhance the ambiance before incorporating them into your kitchen.

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