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Here are all MTG Throne of Eldraine spoilers

by Eric

The 12 days of spoilers for The Throne of Eldraine kicked off today with some top-notch maps as well as some extras. Mark Rosewater makes an effort to start the day off with an out-of-sight look at the Throne of Eldraine (ELD) design along with eight spoilers. But Andrea Mengucci beat Rosewater to ruin Mythical Dispute as the first card of the day. Of all the ELD spoilers dropped today, we think some are very, very interesting.

  • A long time ago
  • Enchanted wagon
  • The murderous rider
  • Bad Wolf

Quest beast:

Questing Beast is arguably one of the best cards in the ELD set. It comes into play with haste, vigilance, and deadly touch. In addition, Questing Beast cannot be blocked by creatures with a strong of two or less. The icing on the cake is the combat damage dealt by Questing Beast to a Planeswalker under your opponent’s control.

Throne of Eldraine spoiler Wicked Wolf is not legendary, but big and bad:

The Magic: The Gathering community was hoping for a legendary wolf in the Throne of Eldraine spoiler set, but instead they got a big angry Bad Wolf. Lanovar elves may be outside of the standard, but the Throne of Eldraine (ELD) set ensures that clumsy green creatures continue to have value. And Wicked Wolf is proof of that. This Big Bad Wolf will get a lot of playtime in Standard Draft and Limited ELD Draft – from removal and counterattack to indestructibility. Read more about Jotaro Kujo | 10 facts you didn’t know about Jotaro

Bad Wolf has three abilities so that four mana (double green) 3/3 is a card to be feared. When the wolf first comes into play, it is a fighting target creature you have no control over. Like 3/3, this is not the best ability. But that’s not all. Using the ELD Food mechanic, the player can donate a food token to put a + 1 / + 1 counter on the Wicked Wolf. In addition, it also gives the Bad Wolf indestructibility until the end of the turn. This allows players to kill a creature their opponent controls with the defense of four and not lose the Bad Wolf in the process.

Hitting the Bad Wolf is just a resolution, not a fraction of the cost required to activate his abilities. It is also useful when attacking, as in the Adanto Vanguard, without the hit point penalty. Bad Wolf also keeps the + 1 / + 1 counter from the sacrificial Food counter. Since the Night pack Ambusher is also at the point with four dropdowns (double green), Wicked Wolf does not hit the curve for tribal decks. Although this might dissatisfy various people in the MTG society, Gruul and Bant players will surely find a way to fit it into.

Murderous Rider in Throne of Eldraine spoiler is the best version of Hero’s Downfall:

The combination of themes and the cost of casting multiple remove black spells throughout the history of Magic: The Gathering, The Killing Rider in the Throne of Eldraine spoiler looks like a bomb. Today, with over 20 spoilers for Throne of Eldraine (ELD) dropped, only a few cards stand out from the deck. It may be too early to definitively call The Killing Rider a bomb, but one cannot be mistaken in its strength and potential.

The Murderous Rider is a rare showcase map with a creature on one side and adventure mechanics on the other. Speedy End (Instant Adventure spell) is basically a re-release of Hero’s Downfall (destroy goal creature or planeswalker. The only difference between the two is that in Swift End, casting a spell also costs two hit points. To make up for the loss of lives, the Killer Rider is a 2/3 zombie with a life chain. As an added bonus, upon death, the Horseman returns to the end of the player’s library.

Compared to cards like Voracious Chupacabra (swapping out of stock) and Assassination, Killing Rider has the added advantage of hitting the planeswalker and returning to the library after dying. Since showcase cards are considered creatures (as opposed to regular split cards), players can use planeswalkers such as Narset or Tamiyo to search their libraries for the Killing Rider after he dies. There are also black cards, such as the symmetry of the schemes and the secrets of the mausoleum, which will also help you find it.

Seven Dwarves

Standard or Limited are unlikely to be impacted by Seven Dwarves. However, they do find a home in Commander/Brawl and Singleton competitions. This applies to formats where just one duplicate of a card is permitted in a deck because the text states that up to seven can be in a deck. The Seven Dwarves are approaching; get ready, rats.

Mark Rosewater shares 8 spoiler stories about the throne of Eldraine:

Magic: The Gathering Chief Designer Mark Rosewater officially kicked off Throne of Eldraine’s 12-day spoiler today with eight new cards. Rosewater shared how MTG’s design team brought European folklore and fairy tales to life in the Throne of Eldraine spoiler set. Using the Cinderella story as a guide, Rosewater revealed eight new cards in ELD. The MTG development team was able to tell the story from start to finish – from creatures and artifacts to instant spells that do not require mana. Once the storyline was decided, the MTG design team introduced the villain: the Wicked Guardian. Owing to its high mana price, Wicked Guardian is not a good quality standard card, but it will mainly likely be seen in a limited draft.

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