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The Benefits of Non 12 Step Rehab in Fort Collins

by Eric

Have you already tried a 12-step rehab? Were you unsuccessful at it? Such a failure shouldn’t discourage you from trying further, as there are plenty of alternatives to twelve-step programs.

Non-12-step rehab programs aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions, but they provide an individual approach to overcoming addiction. These include SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, S.O.S., LifeRing Secular Recovery, and others. Confidentiality, online support, and peer support are guaranteed throughout the journey.

Learn why you should enroll in some of the following non-12-step rehab programs.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a non-profit organization that encourages self-empowerment over addictive behaviors. It’s a self-help group beneficial for individuals trying to remain abstinent from alcohol and drugs. Members of this group stand to benefit from face-to-face meetings, a 24/7 chatroom, and an online message board.

Moreover, SMART Recovery is based on research and offers tools to assist individuals in changing negative thoughts into positive ones. It follows four points that include obtaining motivation, learning how to manage urges, handling thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, and finding life balance. Members are offered various tools and exercises for homework to guide addicts through the four points.

Face-to-face meetings tend to follow an identical format on a worldwide level so as to maintain a level of consistency within the program. The benefits of non 12 step rehab Fort Collins programs are numerous.  SMART Recovery meetings last about one and a half hours and are led by a trained professional. Any person who struggles with addiction can attend these meetings for free. They usually start with an introduction and a check-in period, during which members provide their assistance in setting the agenda for that particular day.

The largest part of the meeting is devoted to working time, as the group works through one of four points, which we previously mentioned. Since SMART Recovery groups are self-sustaining, a donation plate is passed around during the meeting. Donations are indispensable for these groups to keep functioning. These meetings are closed with a dialogue to make sure every member feels understood and heard.

Rehab in Fort Collins

As already mentioned, homework is usually assigned between meetings. A social hour is usually organized after the formal meeting ends for individuals to get to know themselves better. The character of SMART Recovery meetings is strictly confidential.

Women for Sobriety

Women for Sobriety is the first program for self-assistance designed to offer support solely to women struggling with alcohol addiction. WFS strives to encourage emotional growth, positivity, and responsibility. Women are stimulated to change negative thought patterns into positive ones so as to lead healthier lives.

The principle on which Women for Sobriety is based claims that the actions of a person follow his/her thoughts. Therefore, by changing their thoughts, their behavior is likely to change as well. WFS stimulates women to gain control of their thoughts and actions. The outcome of this approach is teaching women to love themselves and to find the path to spiritual growth. Visit this webpage to learn more about the path to spiritual growth.

There are thirteen positivity statements that females are expected to subscribe to on a daily basis. They are asked to spend each night and morning thinking about each statement and its effects. WFS relies on healthy eating, meditation, and holistic healing. Each group consists of six to ten members, and it’s run by a moderator.  Read more about Why You Should Visit Missouri For Rehabilitation.

During each meeting, females are required to introduce themselves and share some positive action or feeling that’s related to the acceptance statements. Women shouldn’t be concerned about their security and privacy, as membership is confidential. Each meeting is ended by joining hands and saying the motto of WFS.


Another beneficial alternative to 12-step programs is S.O.S., which is open to every person interested in working on their addiction. The membership is free of charge, but donations are necessary for the groups to keep running. Members, however, are required to be abstinent from alcohol/drugs to participate in the program.

Individuals who are part of this program are advised to take responsibility for their actions and use rational thinking. Meetings at S.O.S. usually commence with making announcements and celebrating sobriety anniversaries. Otherwise, most of the time is spent on group interactions and discussion. Peer support is an indispensable aspect of this program, as members hold each other accountable for improving their quality of life.

LifeRing Secular Recovery

Another highly beneficial alternative to 12-step rehab programs is LifeRing Secular Recovery, which doesn’t rely on sponsors. It believes that every individual is capable of controlling their addiction, as the battle occurs between two people, the addict self and the sober self. LifeRing advises members to weaken the former in order to strengthen the latter. This article,, elaborates on the biology of addiction.

The core of LifeRing recovery is to provide unwavering support to individuals on their own path to recovery. Members are provided with face-to-face meetings and continuous online support. Addicts can choose to attend these meetings or get in touch with a member through email via a service named ePals. By establishing such a connection, individuals can ask questions and receive one-on-one support.

The duration of these gatherings is approximately an hour, and they are guided by conveners who keep people involved in the topic and allow the conversation to have an informal flow. The tone of the meetings is encouraging and positive by letting members ask and answer questions, offer support, and provide advice. While meetings are free to attend, donations are still requested.

Why choose a 12-step alternative?

Individuals in Fort Collins choose alternatives to 12-step programs because of varying reasons. Those who believe that addiction is within their control find non-twelve-step rehab programs more appealing. The same goes for those who have failed at using a 12-step program at some point in the past.

All in all

Individuals in Fort Collins are advised to choose one of these alternatives and start their road to recovery.

Every option is beneficial in its own way!

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