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Teak bathroom vanity: Why vanity is required in bathrooms?

by Eric

It is very common and trending nowadays to have a vanity in the bathroom, like a teak bathroom vanity. Not only do they enhance the beauty of the bathroom but they also add space to the bathroom items. Vanities of different colors, styles, prices and brands are available in the market. These vanities enhance the charm and beauty of your bathroom. Vanity is fixed to the bathroom along with the sink, it also hides the piping system of the sink. By placing a vanity in your bathroom, you can improve counter space and also have more storage for placing things. And not only that, but girls can also set their make-up on it because a lot of girls are comfortable sitting in front of it and doing make-up. You can buy vanities for bathrooms ready-made, and you can also special order for making them according to your own choice.

Varieties of vanities of bathrooms:

There are some famous varieties of vanities of bathrooms on the basis of color. But here we will discuss just three of them.

  • Navy bathroom vanity
  • Oak bathroom vanity
  • Teak bathroom vanity
  • Pine bathroom vanity
  • Sky blue bathroom vanity
  • Mint bathroom vanity
  • Matte black bathroom vanity

On the basis of brands and styles, it has some other very popular types like:

  • Pedestal bathroom vanity
  • Freestanding bathroom vanity
  • Floating bathroom vanity
  • Vessel bathroom vanity
  • Cabinets
  • Under mounted sink

Navy bathroom vanity:

This color is a great idea for a bathroom vanity as it is peaceful color and is dark blue color which is mostly liked by people. Choosing this color will make your bathroom look shinier and more attractive. When light falls on this color, its luster increases, and the water drops on it shine like pearls. Place the mirror of the same color on the wall above the navy bathroom vanity. Because it looks more beautiful and will attract the attention of everyone. It will make you want to keep all your necessities here. There are also many shades of this color are available in the market, such as plain colors, matte colors, or glossy colors. Most people demand matte colors. Their price also varies from one color to the other. Simple plain colors are available at a reasonable price while matte colors are somehow more costly than others. Read more about the Best home renovation near me.

Teak bathroom vanity:

Teak is a golden color with a dark brown shade. This color is very unique and is mostly liked by the majority of people because of its amazing properties. When light reflects from this color, it presents a very charming and attractive look. Teak bathroom vanity is definitely the best choice for your bathroom remodeling. The bathroom is a very important part of the home, and if you want to make sure that your home is more comfortable and better than that of others, then you need to choose a suitable bathroom vanity as it has a great role in maintaining your bathroom’s beauty. Due to its amazing features, it is somehow more costly than others, but some of its shades are available at moderate cost.

Oak bathroom vanity:

This color is based on the oak tree. It can combine with many other colors like red, blue, green, brown, etc, and presents a very amazing and marvelous look. Oak bathroom vanity is also very trending nowadays. Many people choose this color because of its unique properties and unique appearance. Many people like white oak color, some like red oak or some brown oak. It totally depends on the choice of the customer and which color attracts them the most. It also reflects light very effectively. Installing a bathroom vanity can cost $500 to $4000 depending upon their quality but normally ranges from $1000 to $1500.

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