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Pokemon Sword and Shield Fossil Pokémon

by Eric

The most recent Pokemon games have Pokemon fossils on a shield and a sword that can be trained to become real, fully grown, adult Pokemon. However, there are numerous different sorts of fossils in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and you must combine two fossils to create a new Pokemon. We’ll explain the several sorts of shield and sword Pokemon fossils in this guide, along with their characteristics.

Sword and Shield fossil combinations

From this combination, we can make four types of fossils that are following.

  • Dracozolt
  • Arctozolt
  • Dracovish
  • Arctvish


Dracozolt is an Electric-Dragon type fossil that is formed with a combination of bird and drake combination. The upper half is inspired by the Paravians, a large group of dinosaurs that are the precursors of modern birds. The fund is based on stegosaurus, a category of herbivorous dinosaurs that includes the famous stegosaurus. These halves will be seen again in other reanimated Pokémon using the same fossil pieces. Since the fossilized bird is more common in Sword and the fossilized dinosaur is more common in Shield, players will likely have to trade in to add a Dracozolt to their team. Read more


Arctozolt is an Ice-Electric type fossil that is formed with a combination of Bird and Dino. This is the easiest combination to find the players of the sword. This abysmal creature can be seen shaking during the game. According to the Pokédex, this is how it generates electricity. In prehistoric times, Arctozolt apparently “lived on prehistoric beaches and was able to store food with ice on his body”. Unfortunately for this, Arctozolt had trouble walking and could not move fast enough to overcome extinction.


Dracovish is the combination of fossil Drake and fossil Fish called  Water-Dragon. Of the four Pokémon looking out, Dracovish may be the most blatantly wrong of all. Its fish head, inspired by the prehistoric Dunkleosteus, appears to be attached to the wrong end of the dinosaur’s tail. Dracovish’s combination of Fish and Draco fossils makes it the easiest for Shield players to obtain.


Arctovish is one of the proper and standard fossil combinations of pokemon. It is the combination of Fossil Dino and fossil Fish called Water-Ice fossil. As with Dracozolt, players will likely have to trade to get the Fish and Dino fossils needed to revive Arctovish.

Further proof of this comes from the Pokédex which says, “Although it is able to capture prey by freezing its surroundings, it has trouble eating the prey afterward because its mouth is over its head.” The Pokédex also reveals that while Arctovish’s skin kept him safe from predators, his “breathing difficulties” sentenced him to extinction.


This is all about the sword and shield pokemon game and pokemon sword and shields famous characters, We tried our best to elaborate all the new combinations fossils In pokemon sword and shield. We’ll keep you informed about all the hottest game topics, tech news, and the newest cheats. Gratitude for reading. Stay connected to read about more fascinating subjects. Be careful.

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