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Surrogate mother from Ukraine and the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

by Eric

Surrogacy incurred in different countries charges you an additional amount. In some countries, it is pretty cheap, while in some countries, it is costly to afford. Moreover, in some countries, surrogacy is illegal, while in some countries, it is legal under specific laws. For instance, if you opt for surrogacy in the US, it will cost you a hefty amount. While if you choose Ukraine for surrogacy, it will charge you less.

Some words about leihmutter ukraine: The surrogate mother of Ukraine is supposed to live in a clean and fresh environment. She has to eat clean and take the medicines on time. Apart from that, these women must have a baby of their own naturally. Surrogate mothers in Ukraine do not charge a hefty amount.

Warranty programs:

There are warranty programs for the couple also in which there are plenty of things included. Additionally, we offer you a guaranteed result from the IVF program. Aside from that, you can also select egg donors individually. Besides, you can have a perfect and healthy child of your own.

Cost of surrogate in Ukraine:

Surrogacy in Ukraine is exceptionally affordable. Most couples from the entire world choose Ukraine for surrogacy. The whole procedure is cheaper than the other countries where the same course costs you a hefty amount. Besides, in the US, it cost you around $50,000, but this is not the total cost as it adds some hidden cost which makes a total of $100,000. This amount is highly higher, and many couples can not even afford it at any price. However, the price offered by Ukraine is somehow reasonable, and people can surely afford it.

Furthermore, in Ukraine, surrogacy’s cost is approximately $60,000, including all other hidden fees. This cost is meager, and people can afford it by any means.

Whats is eizellenspende. Conditions and costs

There is an extensive database from where the eggs are collected. Correct eggs are used to implant the embryo. Moreover, there are different types of services that we offer. Some of them are as follows:

  • Comfort guarantee

Comfort guarantee includes IVF+PGD. Also, it has an unlimited number of embryo transfers with the help of only one donated egg cell and male sperm. Moreover, the risk coverage time is only 12 weeks. Notably, the cost this service incurs is €17,000.

  • VIP guarantee

another service that we offer is a VIP guarantee which includes IVF+PGD. Moreover, the procedure is done with mitochondrial transfer and stem cells with a greater possibility of transforming into surrogacy. Aside from that, the risk coverage is there unless the baby is born, which is truly unique. Also, it costs around €28,500.

  • Deluxe guarantee

Another service that we offer is a deluxe guarantee in which prevention of inhabitation is there from the gene mutation. Aside from that, one can select the egg donor based on a photo. Additionally, one can even choose a sperm donor. Even more, the couple can even choose the gender of the baby as per their choice—moreover, this package costs around €34,500.

  • Embryo donation/adoption

This service includes IVF+PGD. Furthermore, an infinite number of transfers of donated embryos take place. Notably, the risk coverage is up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. However, this package costs around €17,000.


Final words:

To conclude, surrogacy is a critical topic to discuss. It is not legal in some states. Moreover, it is cheap in some countries while it is pretty expensive in other countries. However, Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy and it is pretty cheap there to get the procedure done.

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