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Shabby chic and Bohemian styles can furnish for less

by Eric

If you are furnishing your first apartment or starter home, you’re probably doing so on a budget. Sometimes choosing the interior design is more about choosing what fits your budget rather than what suits your true desires for the space. Luckily with discount online furniture, you can usually make any of your interior design dreams a reality.

Still, if you want to go with the interiors that are designed for inexpensive starting sets of furniture, shabby chic and bohemian styles are very popular right now and have some of the most inexpensive furniture and décor options. While not often durable, they are lightweight and have a slim profile, both necessary for such furnishings.

What are these interior design styles?

The shabby chic design style is all about vintage items, or replicas made to look like vintage items. You might be able to pull this off with a cottage theme. The idea is to incorporate vintage and worn or weathered items into the décor to give you that shabby look while the chic nature of the profiles and designs brings the room into the 21st century. 

Bohemian style is often considered synonymous with eclectic styles, but in truth, it goes a bit deeper. While eclectic rooms do incorporate items from a variety of styles, the bohemian style can be even more haphazard. You can bet that the bohemian bedroom or living room will have worn but natural textiles. Read more about JACK AND JILL BATHROOM.

Both of these styles are very popular for teens, college students, and young adults who want to buy their own furniture but don’t have a lot to invest in. Young adults may be able to get financing to make furniture purchases more possible.

Vintage styles

If you love vintage eras, these interior design styles are meant for you. The shabby chic can include post-modern furniture and design just as easily as it can vintage items. If you go with vintage, look for replicas that are around the same price but won’t need any work. You can even get new furniture that is intentionally distressed to appear weathered for these looks.

In addition to scouring online furniture stores, you might be able to find some truly vintage furnishings and décor by browsing flea markets, antique malls, thrift stores, vintage boutiques, and even estate sales. When all else fails, and you have something specific in mind, look at this online furniture for less:

Eclectic nature allows more flexibility in design

Both the bohemian and shabby chic interior designs are considered to be somewhat eclectic in nature, meaning that while not anything goes, most do. Rather than focusing on making your room flashy, random, or cute, consider the chance you have to incorporate some of your favorite things in subtle ways with a diverse selection of wall art and other home décor accessories.

Instead of looking at just how eclectic the piece might be, you should actually be going for a feeling of cozy comfort. The shabby chic style takes cozy comfort and mixes it with a country cottage, while the bohemian style combines cozy comfort with natural and sustainable textiles.

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