Selecting Men’s Wedding Band – The Essential Things to Consider
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Selecting Men’s Wedding Band – The Essential Things to Consider

by Eric

Usually, a man will have many thoughts when he is getting a wedding band for his beloved. He will research and ensure that he gets the best one. However, things change when he has to select his own wedding band for the special day. That is when you will find him getting overwhelmed with several options.

Does that resonate with you? Did it seem like your story? If yes, it’s time not to let your wedding band be an afterthought. After all, you will be wearing the band for the rest of your life. Hence, it is essential to give it much importance and thought. It is necessary for you to love your wedding band. And for that, you need to choose the best one. Here are few factors to consider:

The metal choice

The conventional metals that get used for men’s wedding bands are:

  • Platinum

It is highly durable and is a rare element on earth. In addition, the metal is hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t lead to any skin reactions. To know more, you can check out

  • White gold

Simply put, white gold is gold metal plated in rhodium. It is a member of the famous platinum family, which gives it a dazzling white hue like platinum. It comes for a lesser price. So, if you a wedding band similar to platinum metal, it is the best choice for you.

  • Yellow gold

It is a classic option and comes with a subtle and warm glow that looks soothing.

  • Rose gold

The rose gold wedding bands are an uncommon choice and give a distinctive vintage effect. If a groom was a unique look, it is the best metal for a wedding band.

The width

So, how wide you want your wedding band to be? It is essential to try a few wedding bands in multiple widths, to determine what suits best for you. The wider wedding bands are usually more costly as they need more metal. However, you can balance the price and size by selecting a metal within your budget. For instance, white gold resembles platinum but has an affordable price.

The Fit

The wedding band edges can be flat or curved, creating a right angle on the ringside. Some jewelers offer a comfortable fit with soft round edges, which is a great choice for men who will be wearing the band every day and wants it to be comfortable. It would be best if you tried a few wedding bands to know which one suits you perfectly.

The Finish

Simply put, the finish refers to the surface texture of the wedding band metal. Some of the essential terms to know here are:

  • High-polish

High polish is the conventional choice. It describes a metal that comes with a reflective finish.

  • Matte

The finish is less reflective. As a result, it looks more modern and has an understated feel about it.

  • Combination

The combination of men’s wedding bands blends in both high polish and matte textures.

  • Hammered

The hammered men’s wedding bands appear as if a small hammer has pounded the metal and created a textured effect. If you want to sport an eye-catching look, this is the best option for you.

Choosing the best wedding band takes time and research. However, when you keep these facts handy, it becomes easy for you to make your choice.


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