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Secure and Organize Your PDF Files With GogoPDF Tools

by REX

With the help of advanced technology, tons of paperwork becomes digital in today’s modern world. Since electronic documents are easy to create, save, share, print, and reproduce, most people, especially students, teachers, and office workers, opt to go digital when it comes to paperwork.

However, saving and sharing unprotected electronic files with sensitive content is susceptible to unauthorized use or content theft. That said, it is vital to ensure that your PDF files are secured and protected. Moreover, having these documents organized is also a great way to make them look neat and easy to read.

To do these tasks, GogoPDF has something to offer. This all-in-one PDF tool provides security and editing tools that will help you secure and organize PDF pages in just minutes. To get to know more about these features, read on and discover great things about GogoPDF.

Take Ownership to PDF through Watermarks

When talking about security tools, one of the most-utilized features GogoPDF offers is add watermark to PDF. With this efficient PDF service, you may protect your PDF files and secure ownership, especially those with confidential content. Moreover, there are different ways how watermarks will appear on your PDFs.

As such, you may choose whether you want to stamp an image on your PDF files or use text watermarks to let the recipient know that the file you have sent contains sensitive information. Plus, you may also decide where you want to place your watermark on your PDF pages.

On top of that, utilizing this GogoPDF’s security service is easy and convenient. All you have to do is go to your browser, key in the GogoPDF website and tap the add watermarks button. Once you’ve been redirected to the page, you will then follow the straightforward and hassle-free instructions on how to stamp a watermark on your PDF files.

Secure PDF Through Setting Up a Password

Protecting the privacy and security of your PDF files with a security passcode is the best way to keep them safe from unwanted access. Guess what? GogoPDF can also help you with that. This platform also offers a protection kit to let you set up a password so that no one can crack your file without your consent.

All you need to do is go to the GogoPDF website, tap the “Protect PDF” button, then follow the steps provided. Your PDF document will be secured and protected with the code you have formulated within a single minute or even less.

Organize PDF File By Adding Page Numbers

Besides safety and secured ownership of your PDF, you surely want it to be organized, neat, and readable. Who doesn’t want that? Perhaps no one is. That said, GogoPDF has specific tools for this matter. As such, adding page numbers to PDF is just one of its efficient features to help organize your PDF pages according to their proper sequence.

This GogoPDF tool is highly effective if you want to arrange the content of your PDF file to make it appear more professional and readable than ever. Besides that, this platform will give you freedom on how you want to insert page numbers on your PDF.

Hence, it will allow you to set the range on what digit to begin with and what number it will end on. Plus, you may also decide which sheet your page number will appear and from what part it will end.

Declutter PDF Files by Deleting Unnecessary Pages

A cluttered PDF document containing multiple unnecessary pages can be pretty hard to organize. On top of that, it will also occupy significant space on your device when you won’t do something about it. But, if you want to declutter such documents, you may wish to use GogoPDF’s delete PDF tool for a faster and more convenient way of removing unwanted pages on your PDF.

Of course, before you utilize this helpful tool, you should first analyze your PDF file and identify which pages are essential and which parts should be permanently removed. After you have sorted your document, you may now visit the GogoPDF website and tap its delete PDF tool.

On this page, you can find the four easy steps on how to use this service. All you have to do is follow them, and then your newly organized PDF file will be good to go. Since this online


Securing and organizing PDF files has never been easier with the help of GogoPDF tools and services. The security and editing tools mentioned in this article are just a few of its helpful features that will let you manage and organize PDF documents in a snap.

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