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5 Cozy and Perfect Rattan Moon Chairs – A Perfect Fit for Your Living Room

by Eric

Want your guests to feel maximum comfort in your house? Rattan moon chairs are the perfect piece to the puzzle; they are a great fit for lounging indoors and outdoors.

Elevate your sitting area with these chairs, available in many colors, even solid colors such as grey and white. These solids are a perfectly sleek look while still maintaining comfort.  Here, we take a look at the 5 rattan moon chairs that will be the perfect fit for your living room.

Alfons Chair:

The first Rattan moon chair we will be looking at is the Alfons chair from Wayfair. It is the perfect addition to your lounge or garden. You can use it on a nice Sunday morning to read the newspaper in the comfort of your home or use it for lounging around while your children play in their sandpit.

The best part about this rattan chair is that it is water-resistant and extremely easy to clean. This means you don’t have to worry about placing the chair in your garden if the grass is wet if it rains overnight, or any water spilling on the chair.

Natural Moon Rattan Chair:

Desser sells this chair. It arrives at your doorstep fully assembled, so you do not have to go through the entire process of assembling it yourself.

Furthermore, it is made of all-natural Rattan, which is farmed using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. The chair is specially hand-made and is for indoor use. It can also be used outdoors but will have to be kept dry. 

DAPAO Moon Chair:

DAPAO sells this chair on Amazon. It comes with a round cushion that improves comfort levels. The chair’s frame is made to be very sturdy yet flexible, as it is made from Rattan.

This chair is special because sitting on it, and you can rock back and forth. In addition, the chair is made from environmentally friendly materials. Read more about Polyethylene Plastic a Great Option for Making Outdoor Furniture

Rattan Papasan Chair with Solid Twill Cushion:

Target sells this chair. It is extremely comfortable and comes complete with a soft cushion that helps protect your back from any soreness if you plan to work for a while and sit on this chair while you do so.

It has a rustic frame made from Rattan. The fabric of the cushion is soft and made from Twill.

Jardin De Ville Moon chair:

When it comes to the shape of this moon chair, it is inspired by the actual full moon. It is completely round, which allows the person sitting to sit in it comfortably and allows for more space. The frame of this chair is made of tubular aluminum.

The actual chair itself is made of synthetic Rattan, which allows for good back support and support to your arms for the maximum level of comfort.

In a Nutshell:

Moon chairs can be a great addition to your lounge or even place outdoors. They will make the home look lively and modern due to their design. In addition, they are very comfortable and allow a lot of space, so one does not feel cramped up sitting in one of these chairs.

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