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A home is a sacred place for people, as it is a space where they can unwind, be themselves, and feel safe. Over time, many kinds of home innovations have come into play, especially in Australian suburbs, where the people are trying to build homes to enjoy the peace the suburbs have to offer, along with innovation and utility. Therefore modular homes in Australia are the talk of the town, as everyone is intrigued about it, wanting it and cannot wait to live in it.


Modular homes can be defined as a construction technique of a home in the form of modules or sections, allowing the house to have bifurcations indoors, as they are built offsite separately, and then during final construction, are assembled at the site location.

How different are modular homes in Australia different from on site-built homes?

  • On-site homes take a very long time to build as there are many steps involved in prepping the surface, laying the foundation, ensuring safety measures of the land, and so much more. But in the case of modular homes in Australia, they are built indoors and assembled in the end. Hence they can be finished in a matter of weeks.
  • The cost of regular home building in Australia can go up to $300,000 because of all other costs like the raw materials, cement, foundation cost, labour cost, and much more. In the case of a modular home in Australia, they cost around $3000 to build, which is significantly cheaper and much more economical for an individual looking for a budget-friendly home.
  • The time taken to build a modular home is much less as compared to a regular house. Normal houses can take a whole year to build right, to get every area built to perfection, which can delay the move-in date for the homeowner. The construction work also keeps halting due to weather changes in Australia as it is closer to the water body. Rainfall is another major factor that can cause a stop of work; on the other hand, modular houses are all built in a few weeks, protected from the weather variations.

Other unknown facts about modular homes:

  • The very first fact is that modular houses are transported in sections to the site using cranes and assembled like a jig-saw puzzle.
  • These homes are super-easy to customize, design and space-wise. The future homeowner can work with the design team to adjust module dimensions, colours, and other exciting things.
  • Suppose people are worried about the tax rate applied to them, not to worry as it will be the same as what is applied to regular homes. There is no increased tax value for modular houses.
  • In terms of home loans, banks offer the same home loan plans for modular homes as regular homes, as there is no bias; a home is a home irrespective of the method used to construct it.
  • Most people are concerned about the strength of the building, as it is so lightweight that it can be lifted and placed from one location to another. To break that myth, these homes have great strength, where they can withstand even strong winds that can go up to 173 mph.
  • Modular homes are perfect for families that have people with special needs. They can be built with areas that are accessible by them and as per their convenience. They also deserve to live a life as normal as others do; hence modular homes give them that opportunity much more conveniently and at a better price than regular homes built from scratch.

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