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Download Old Gacha life apk 2020

by Eric

If you’d want to design your own ideal anime-styled character and dress them in your preferred attire, this is solely your creation. With your favourite clothes assortment, you can choose any desired style. Millions of different outfits, hairstyles, weapons, and other items are available for customization. After creating the persona you want, go into the studio and construct the scene you want. There are countless images and backgrounds available to help you write the ideal story. This is the best customization option ever because it allows you to make or view anything you want to see on your screen. After that, switch to new life mode to explore additional locations and meet new people. To download old gacha life apk read the given article carefully;

Create the characters you want

Customize your look change your hairstyle, mouth, nose, eyes, and many more. Dress up your characters according to the latest fashion trends. There are thousands of cloths mix them or match them all up to you. There are many new items, poses, and countless exciting things that you will never see before. Read more

Studio Mode

One of the best features of this game is studio mode. In the in-studio mode, you can create any scene. There are lots of backgrounds available for creating your scene as well as you can enter your desired text that you want to listen to your character. This is really amazing, I have never seen these types of features and functions before. You can also make changes to other characters, scenes, or texts you created before. This game gives you many powerful features like you can add any animal into the scene with a voice to make more fun. You can add a random scene or place that is telling a full story itself.

Skit Maker

Gacha life has one more exciting feature “skit maker”. Skit makers can merge different scenes to make sketches. Skit maker allows us to produce a story about our character’s life. In this way, it gives us the authority to make beautiful sketches that tell us the adorable story itself.

Life Mode

Gacha life has one more exciting feature “Life mode” which allows us to explore different places with our own characters such as the town, school, ground, and much more.

You can talk to more NPCs to find out more about them. You don’t need WiFi while playing offline!

Playable game apps

You can pick from 8 different mini-games, including Phantom’s Remix and Duck & Dodge. You can simply farm for gems in them, and they are free to play!

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