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All about New Verizon logo Symbol & History

by Eric

Verizon, one of the largest communications technology firms in the world and the biggest wireless service provider in the United States, is currently rated 14th on the Fortune 500 list. The Bell Atlantic and GTE merger gave birth to the firm in 2000. The new business chose the portmanteau moniker “verdant and horizon,” along with a symbol that is now seen on everything from big vehicles to handheld electronics.

The original Verizon logo’s complexity made it challenging to accurately recreate in many settings. It features a modified cursive pattern, two colours, a stylized letter “z,” a V-shaped design that alternately appears above and next to the name, and gradations in multiple places. This inconsistency has only increased over time. In this article, we’ll guide you about the new Verizon logo symbol & history.

More importantly, over the past fifteen years, the way we communicate has changed dramatically, as has Verizon. The company has introduced a new considerably simplify logo designed by Pentagram that replicates these revolutionize and arrangement the company for the future. Read more

Verizon new logo 2020:

The new logo preserves the spirit of the unique logo’s DNA and realigns the brand name with the interior values ​​of Verizon: effortlessness, dependability, and devotion to its clients. The personalized letterforms were eliminated in favor of a direct treatment of the company’s name in Neue Haas Grotesk, regulated by Christian Schwartz of a commercial type. The color red – an important feature of Verizon’s identity – serves as an accent, in a brighter and cleaner hue. Finally, the “v” symbol is now a checkmark, the universal symbol meant for accomplishing things. Located at the end of the wordmark, the checkmark serves as a signature and approval for the Verizon name.

The new design drastically eliminates Verizon’s red checkmark, moving it to the right, next to “n”. Also, the red “z” in the name has disappeared and the whole logo is now a simpler and straighter Helvetica. The new logo is “a cleaner, more humane design and tick, the universal symbol for accomplishing things, uniquely expresses Verizon’s reliability,” the company wrote in a blog post. According to Advertising Age, the company launched the change internally today, and Verizon has now confirmed the change.

History of Verizon logo:

The Verizon logo comes into view in 2000 when the company established its present name. Earlier versions were completely different and featured the old name of the corporation. The oldest logo reflected the company’s original name, Bell Atlantic Corporation, and was adopted during the company’s inception (1984). The logo consists of two parts: a stylized description of a bell inside a circle shape and a word sign next to it.

The text would have looked quite simple, if not for the single letter “A”, which contained an unusual element resembling an ocean wave. In this way, the author of the emblem introduced the theme “Atlantic” in the logo. The emblem could be given in black or blue on a white background.

Emblem from 1997:

The next version place even extra importance on the maritime topic. Although the stylized wave disappeared from the word sign, a more prominent one appeared beneath it. In addition, the idea of ​​”Atlantic” was accentuated by the choice of colors: dark blue and aqua, with white letters and lines, bringing to mind the sea foam. Instead of the bold sans-serif font of the first logo, a simple serif was used. The logo itself has taken on a square shape.

Symbol 2000:

In 2000, Bell Atlantic obtains GTE and distorted its name to Verizon transportation. With the new name, the need for a completely new logo became apparent. Landor Associates design agency in San Francisco has developed a company name word sign, complete with an oversized red gradient checkmark. The font in italics, in small letters, presented a gradient zoom “z”. The checkmark and the letter “z” were red, while all other letters were black. The background was white. Other color combinations with two of these colors (black and white, red, and white) could also be used. The logo has been criticized by many designers and even named among the worst logos ever made.

The new Verizon logo:

In the current version of the Verizon logo, the checkmark has decreased in size, while the gradient has disappeared. The first update of the logo in 15 years was made by the design company Pentagram.

It was really additional of a refresh than a totally new logo. Michael Bierut, the Pentagram representative, mentioned that the logo should not be smart or shiny. Their goal was to establish the brand’s identity without creating visual noise.

One of the positive features of the new Verizon logo is that it can be easily enlarged and reproduced. Overall, it looks cleaner, neater than before. However, it has also been widely criticized for its simplicity.


While past and current fonts may look quite similar, they are actually two independent types. The old logo had a modified Helvetica Black font, while the name of the new font is Neue Haas Grotesk. In fact, it looks very close to Helvetica. The Neue Haas Grotesk pattern was created by Christian Schwartz from the commercial type of the New York and London foundry. Schwartz is a partner in the company and runs his New York office. He is the author of several characters used by corporations around the world. Christian Schwartz has also published prints with such well-known independent foundries as Font Bureau and House Industries.


Beginning in 2000, the Verizon logo features a combination of black and red accents. Red is now represented by just a single checkmark, as opposed to the former logo’s more extensive usage of the hue. White served as the backdrop in both instances. Before that, the colour scheme comprised blue and aqua, which were a perfect match for the original company’s name (Bell Atlantic) and maritime insignia.

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