My Business Received a Negative Review. How Can I Remedy This
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My Business Received a Negative Review. How Can I Remedy This?

by Eric

Online reviews are an excellent way for internet users to share their experiences with products, services, or establishments. It is often said that the customer is always right; however, sometimes, the customer may be tough to please. Nobody and nothing is perfect, so if you didn’t get it right this time and someone has left your business a bad review, don’t panic.

There is no way to remove negative reviews from a platform (there shouldn’t be: transparency is key to trustworthiness!). Still, there are a few ways to mitigate the possible effects of a negative review. The most effective way to combat a negative review is through web reputation management.

What is a web reputation?

The term “web reputation” refers to the online presence associated with your products or services. While elements of your website like its user experience, aesthetics, and your brand’s image are essential to your web reputation, they are not the only components. A web reputation is influenced by all elements of your presence on the web. The content your business creates or is associated with, for instance, will contribute to your web reputation.

Any interactions with web users on or off social media also play a significant role in your web reputation. A bad review should never be met with a defensive argument or any kind of response that does not adequately reflect your brand’s voice and values. For example, suppose your business is a feel-good retail store that sells body-positive clothing with logos depicting love and happiness.

If you respond to a bad review in any way that does not reflect the kindness your brand works to emulate, your image will suffer as a result. It can be tempting to defend yourself, but it is best to express your concern and offer a solution. Reviews can be edited. If you handle the situation correctly, you can turn a bad review into a good one.

Why is web reputation important?

Why is web reputation important

Your web reputation is just as important as the reputation you uphold off the internet. There are billions of users on the internet worldwide. In a way, your platform on the internet is the largest and most impactful one you have. Digital marketing has overtaken many aspects of the marketing industry due to consumers’ increased dependence on the internet for shopping, eating, and general education. For example, imagine you have been considering laser eye surgery.

You see a billboard on the highway indicating a place near you has the best results and the fastest process of all laser eye surgery clinics in the area. You will likely commit the business name to memory, and even more likely that you will look it up on the internet when you get home for more information. You arrive home, search the laser eye surgery clinic, and see that it only has a two-star rating. Despite never having stepped foot inside the clinic, you will likely move on and search for other, more highly rated establishments.

How do you manage your web reputation?

How do you manage your web reputation

Online reputation management services like the ones that LinkGraph employs help improve and strengthen your business’s online presence. Through the use of techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), public relations management, and link building, LinkGraph can help your company remain in good standing in the eyes of the internet. Reputation services are not limited to damage control. They can also be used to build your brand awareness and boost your overall visibility on the search engine results page (SERP). Greater visibility on the SERP results in more lead generation and, therefore, higher revenue.

Customer reviews are essential to your online presence, but they are not the only factor. Your social media accounts, brand image, and relevancy on the web are all integral to a positive reputation. Specialized knowledge of the algorithms that determine your rankings and visibility is invaluable to your brand recognition. Negative publicity can be frustrating; however, it isn’t permanent. Reputation management specialists like the ones at LinkGraph can help you get your business back on track and stay in a positive light.

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