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Major Challenges Faced in Mobile Game Development

by Eric

Advances in mobile technology, affordable high-speed internet, and the earning opportunities provided by the play-to-earn model of the games are the main causes of this increase. Building a mobile game application is a lucrative endeavour, and its future is undoubtedly bright.

This is mostly because of cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Developers can create cutting-edge games like League of Legends, Angry Birds, Among Us, or Grand Theft Auto V with the aid of such developing technologies. But this also makes it more difficult for developers.

Making a game is always fraught with uncertainty. The idea undergoes many changes and transformations on the way to implementation. Planning the perfect timing is nearly impossible. And while mobile games are smaller in scope than games for PC or consoles, there are often problems even in their development.

Why can’t these gaps be fixed once and for all? Because technology does not stand still. Every self-respecting game development company monitors the latest trends and tries to meet the wishes and requests of players. Demands are growing: players want to see fresh graphics innovations, AR and VR being introduced into gaming applications. The field of development is in constant dynamics. New problems arise all the time. So you have to be ready to fight them. And today we will talk about them.

Choosing an Idea

It would seem that nothing can be brighter and more attractive than choosing an idea and gradually following it. But one of the most insidious problems may be lurking here. When reviewing games of similar genres and games of competitors, developers often fall into the trap of complication. They think they need to add even more features, functions and capabilities to the game in order to keep up with the competition. The result is a kind of monster that cannot be optimized and the essence of which is already poorly traced.

The excessive complication is one of the worst enemies of development. This is especially true for the mobile game. Players are waiting for a fairly simple, uncomplicated casual product. So once you’ve come up with an idea, follow it in an iterative way, gradually introducing functions and testing their viability. Know how to come to a stop in time when you see that the game has already become quite interesting and complete. You can work on it forever, add and remove something. Therefore, at one point you just need to stop.

Audience Targeting

Not knowing the audience for which the game is intended is a much more serious problem than one might imagine. Oftentimes, questions about the portrait of a potential player are considered less important than more pressing technical or creative ones. As a result, the game is faced with about the same gaps that were described in the previous paragraph: it begins to combine features of a wide variety of games, but none of them is appealing enough to attract players.

It is important to understand what the players want. It is important to track their feedback, comments and suggestions in order to add to the game what they lacked in others. At the same time, having chosen one genre, one must adhere to it and not try to create an indigestible combination of incongruous features, trying to please everyone in a row. People for whom the game is intended will fully appreciate its belonging to the genre only if this genre is easily guessed. So be sure to know who you are working for.


A lot of companies have stumbled on exactly this problem. Only specialists can do marketing well, and their services are not cheap. The budget for games is usually limited, and if marketing is not planned there, then problems can arise. Without good publicity, the game will not receive adequate coverage at the time of release. If people don’t know about its release, they won’t find it in overcrowded stores.

Therefore, you need to plan your advertising activities. When you see that the game is gradually taking shape and will definitely not undergo any major changes, it’s time to start throwing hooks about it on different platforms, social networks and video services. This gives the advantage of awareness of the audience who will wait for your game and download it immediately on release day.

Final Words

Whatever the game development challenges, they can be solved with an integrated approach and the right choice of solution. Unreal game development company or Unity development company approaches problem solving in different ways. But if they want to release a good game, they need to learn how to do it quickly and efficiently. And looking at the number of releases, we can conclude that the companies are quite good at coping with various obstacles. But initially, it’s critical to comprehend market need. Ignoring this factor could result in a market-failure of the product. Numerous technologies offer data on variables including demand, audience, product lifespan, and profit potential. Sometimes, one may introduce an idea thinking it will serve as an icebreaker. However, it frequently turns into a very complicated game that does not satisfy consumer demand.


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