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Massive blast in Beirut (capital of Lebanon), Lebanon nothing but the ruin remains, bodies lying on the streets. Some hospitals destroyed when the country is fighting against Covid-19. The Governor compares it with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The blast was heard till Cyprus, which is 240 kilometers away.  More than 160 people were killed in massive blast on Tuesday and more than 5000 people are injured. Many of Lebanon’s are missing it increases fear among people of Beirut. The number of deaths will rise as the investigation further proceed. The blast creates a 15 feet high tidal wave. More than 300,000 people in Lebanon cannot sleep in their homes because of a massive explosion. Read more

Governor of Beirut

Governor of Beirut said that about 2700 metric tons of explosive ammonium nitrate were stored in a warehouse since 2014.  Investigation and research till now give the result that the ammonium nitrate causes a massive explosion.  The massive blast causes the damage of about 5 billion dollars and wasted many lives. 90% of hotels in Beirut damaged due to massive explosion. (Read More)

Lebanon custom head sent six memos warnings of dangerous substances stored in Beirut’s port.

The response of the world to Lebanon explosion

United Nations (UN)

Secretary-General (Antonio Guterres) of the UN offers his deepest condolences to families of victims of the explosion. “The UN remains committed to supporting Lebanon at this difficult time”

The UN high commissioner said that agency stood “in solidarity with people of Beirut and Lebanon in this tragic and testing time”.


France’s President Emanuel Macron will visit Lebanon (Beirut) to show his solidarity with people in the aftermath of a massive explosion.

France was sending equipment and personnel package to Lebanon to assist in emergency conditions.

France will also send military planes and 15 tons of equipment to Lebanon in addition 10 health professionals will go to Lebanon as soon as possible.

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO says “we stand in solidarity with people of Lebanon”.

Mike Ryan director of WHO health emergencies program said “it is really very shocking event”

Ryan also said that who will assist Beirut with the crisis and stand with the people of Lebanon.

The (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) UAE ROYAL AIR WING donated the cost of transportation of kits to Lebanon.


EUROPEAN UNION  offered full support to Lebanon and activated its CIVIL PROTECTION MECHANISM (CPM) in response to the crisis. EU will send firefighters, dogs, vehicles, and equipment specialized in search and rescue.  The EU also activated the Copernicus satellite mapping system to help Lebanon in accessing the extent of the damage.

EU said, “We stand with people of Lebanon and ready to mobilize further help”.

Greece, Netherlands, and the Czech Republic will participate in the scheme. France, Poland, and Germany also offered to assist Lebanon.

Turkish citizens

There were six Turkish citizens among the thousand wounded in Beirut’s massive explosion. Five were lightly wounded and the other one was getting better after an operation.

Philippines ’ embassy in Beirut confirmed two deaths in the disaster of Tuesday and eight more sustained injuries.

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