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Latest Tips and tricks of using Gmail

Latest Tips and tricks of using Gmail

As we are living around the advancement of technology and seeing everyone growing by these innovations it’s extremely important for us to walk with them. Especially when it comes to online marketing for your business. Buy aged Gmail accounts has numerous advantages especially in online marketing. One of the most rudiment perks is that it very well guarded you won’t find any issue while handling an old-aged Gmail account. Moreover, you can utilize your aged Gmail account for marketing purposes as it can flare-up your online business. In this article, we’ll discuss the latest tips and tricks of using gmail.

Apart from online marketing, you can make innumerable online profiles for different sites improvement or even for SEOs for your business development. If you choose fresh Gmail accounts then you will be lost in all the above aims. So, you own use old Gmail accounts and also advise to your friends for this offer.


If we deeply study Gmail then we can use it in the best ways. And able to get all those requirements those we need in these days. We are all only the user of Gmail, but only a few people are aware of the tricks and tips of Gmail. If we all learn about all these tricks then you will know how many benefits had added to Gmail by Google. There is no issue that which version of Gmail, you are using. Because free as well as the paid version has the most features and tips. When you will search Gmail in its depth and then you will be able to get all those benefits that Google has promised. I have mentioned some important tips for Gmail below. Now, you can learn about these tips and use Gmail in its original shape.

Delete the email after sending

Human beings make many mistakes by mistake. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. When you are using Gmail and when you had sent an email to the wrong person by mistake. So, in this situation, you can get help from Gmail undo sending feature. This tip is very useful for both Gmail as well as G Suite users. You have given only 30 seconds to delete an email that was sent by mistake. Press Settings, and then the general tab. Here will be an option of “Enable undo send”. When you will on this option hen you will be given the opportunity to undo sending. And you can solve your mistake within 30 seconds. Read more

Self-deleted emails

If you are a user of any other email service, then you cannot get this trick. And some people think that it will not possible, but this feature is available in Gmail. When you want to make secure your conversation with anyone then there is the option of confidential mode in the setting. This will make secure your emails and only the receiver will see your emails.

Double factor security

It is the most secured trick of Gmail, through that only that person will see your email that you choose. Because there is an option of generating passcode in Gmail. And you will choose a mobile number, where Google will send a passcode through that you can open that mail.

Stop your inbox

If you are busy with any important work and don’t want to get any emails. So, in this case, you can use the trick of Gmail through that you can pause your inbox. And due to workload, your emails will be paused, and you will not receive any emails. After, work you can unpause it, and you will receive all those emails which were end during pause mode. It is the best way to focus on your important work.

Use a single tab instead of three tabs

When you are using the Gmail inbox, then you will give three different tabs, primary, social, and promotions. If you will using all tabs then it will be difficult to manage so work. So, we suggest you use only personal and change its settings through that you will receive all your emails in a single tab. If you want to ignore the other two tabs and want to use only a single tab then open settings, and then click on configure inbox. And then click on a single tab that you want to use. If you want to get this facility then you should buy old Gmail accounts.

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