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9 questions about inverted nipple correction recovery

by Eric

An inverted nipple is a common problem that has a range of causes, including forming at birth, aging, and trauma. Regardless of the causes of inverted nipples, it can cause discomfort for the person experiencing the issue and as a result, they may want to have their nipples corrected. Of course, like any surgery, you probably have a number of questions regarding recovery and life after your inverted nipple correction surgery in Sydney, Melbourne, or beyond.

So, let’s take a look at some of the questions you would like to have answered regarding your nipple correction recovery.

  1. Can I look after myself immediately after surgery?

You will most likely be feeling the effects of your anesthesia, so it is not advised that you try and make your own way home. Furthermore, you will need to rest immediately after your surgery, so try to ask a friend or loved one to care for you and make you meals in the day or two after your surgery.

  1. Can I wear normal bras after my surgery?

Your surgeon will ask you to wear a post-surgery compression bra for six weeks after the procedure. This will keep your breasts in place whilst your scars are healing – you should always wait until your surgeon gives you the go-ahead to start wearing your normal bras again.

  1. Can I bathe after my nipple correction surgery?

This again depends on the type of nipple correction surgery you are receiving. If you feel up to it, you can jump in a tepid bath a couple of weeks after your surgery. However, be sure to keep your dressings dry!

  1. Can I breastfeed after my surgery?

This depends on the type and technique of nipple correction surgery you are undergoing. Nipple correction surgery is designed to conserve milk ducts, with varying degrees of success for different women. Many women who choose to have nipple correction surgery do so after they have had children and finished breastfeeding.

  1. Can I take my bra off whilst recovering?

It’s advised that you keep wearing your post-surgery compression bra for at least six weeks post-surgery. Your nipples will need time to heal and taking your compression bra off too often could impede on the scarring.

  1. What is the best post-surgery sleeping method?

Your nipples will be a bit sore after your surgery, so your surgeon will advise you to stay elevated when sleeping with pillows propped up on your sofa. Furthermore, sleeping on your chest in the recovery period could aggravate the scarring, so this is advised against! Read more about Breast reduction surgery Purpose, benefits, and procedure

  1. What are the best care methods post-surgery?

You should provide at-home care for your scars in the weeks after your surgery. Your surgeon will provide tailored advice on how to best care for your nipples in the weeks after your surgery. You will also be able to apply a scar cream once your nipples are fully healed.

  1. Can I drink alcohol pre or post-surgery?

Your surgeon will advise that you cut off alcohol in the build-up to your surgery. Furthermore, you should avoid alcohol for at least a couple of days after your nipple correction surgery, as your painkillers, antibiotics, and anesthesia will not mix well with alcohol.

  1. Can I smoke before my surgery?

As with alcohol, you should avoid smoking in the buildup to your surgery. Intake of cigarettes and alcohol, naturally, should be limited in general, so they should also be avoided in the lead up to your breast surgery so that you are as healthy as possible when the time comes!

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