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Most Common Instagram SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

by Eric

The popularity of Instagram SEO is growing rapidly as well as the opportunities. Not only is the Instagram SEO concept, but also the size of the SEO market is expanding could reach $1.7 billion by 2026. Nowadays, most business owners use Instagram SEO as their significant revenue channel. In this guide, we will overcome the most common Instagram SEO mistakes.

SEO is unique. From enhancing Instagram marketing conditions to boosting the traffic of search engines, SEO can perform amazing things if used correctly. Consequently, the methods of Instagram SEO are evolving due to the user engagement rate and search engine development.

SEO is very important for social media platforms where it can help you gain new followers, promote an account, enhance market sales, and boost the engagement rate of the content. As SEO works like a search engine, it’s applicable to Instagram.

Incorporating Instagram SEO might seem easy, but many marketers and business owners make some common mistakes while using SEO for their Instagram profiles. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 common Instagram SEO mistakes that you need to avoid.

Not Determining Your Target Audience:

One of the most important principles of Instagram SEO is determining your target audience. This means that you need to know the preference of the audiences so that you can target the relevant users.

Many marketers or business owners think that they know the preference of their audiences. This is the main reason they fall into the trap of not knowing the behavior of their consumers in the target market. Additionally, they end up targeting irrelevant people for their business. As per Word Stream, Instagram SEO will allow you to target and connect with audiences who are searching for content related to your brand or business.

Although historical data is a great Instagram insight that aids the SEO, marketers still need to understand their customer’s methods to increase the revenue of their business.

Not Developing a Robust Instagram SEO Plan:

Although knowing the needs and preferences of every customer is an extremely hard task, taking some action to create a robust Instagram SEO plan will help you with the process. Read more about 14 Tips and Tricks for SEO Website Content in 2021.

Many entrepreneurs or organizations struggle to build an SEO strategy for their large or small Instagram business accounts. In 2020, less than 35% of small businesses in the United States had an Instagram SEO strategy. Remember that developing a roadmap and SEO strategy is very important to achieve success.

However, even if you build an Instagram SEO strategy, it might fail. Hence, you should not rely only on multiple stakeholders. If you don’t have a blueprint of Instagram SEO strategy, it’s suggested to start building. This way you can evaluate and understand your competitors.

Not Using Alt Text:

One of the most important features of Instagram is alt text. Instagram introduced this feature a couple of years ago for visual-impaired people so that they can also enjoy the experience of Instagram. But, nowadays marketers use it for their Instagram SEO technique.

However, many brands and businesses forget to include alt text in their content. They assume that alt text is not useful for their content. But in reality, they only decrease the engagement rate of their profile.

Remember that alt text is very important for Instagram SEO. If you want to add alt text in your images, just click on the “advanced settings” before sharing your content. There you’ll notice an option “Write Alt Text”. Click that option and write a relevant description of the image.

You Don’t Use Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags are very important to optimize your content for Instagram SEO. Remember that hashtags will increase the exposure of your content to various Instagram users. Hence, you need to use them correctly.

However, despite knowing the importance, many marketers use irrelevant hashtags for their content. They either use hashtags that don’t reflect their brand’s image or use hashtags that are completely off-topic. For instance, if you have a gaming shop on Instagram and you’re implementing SEO, using hashtags such as #Shop, #Physicalshop, or #Physicalgames won’t be beneficial. Instead, you need to use some more specified hashtags such as #Games, #PS4ganes, #Consolegames, etc.

On the other hand, some marketers don’t use hashtags at all. This is one of the worst mistakes you need to avoid. As we mentioned above, hashtags make your content visible to other Instagram users. So, it’s your responsibility to use them correctly.

You Don’t Use Keywords in Caption or Bio:

Another mistake you should avoid making is not adding any keywords in your caption as well as bio. Bio is the first thing that your users will notice. Additionally, it’s the perfect place for adding both primary and secondary keywords. However, many users use too many keywords in their bio that which makes the place clumsy. You need to avoid that. Remember that optimizing your profile bio is very crucial as it will attract new followers and potential clients.

Apart from that, make sure you use additional keywords in the caption of your content. If you don’t want to add them in the caption, make sure you use them in the comment section. You can also buy custom Instagram comments so that the keywords seem relevant.


These are the 5 Instagram SEO mistakes you need to avoid. Remember that mastering SEO is difficult. But if you manage to avoid these mistakes, you’ll be able to implement your SEO marketing experience on your Instagram account. Despite your goal, don’t forget that SEO will help you to rank higher in the search results. So, it’s your job to make the most out of it.

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