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Important Instagram Metrics You Need to Track at All Costs

by REX

It’s estimated that there are 1.41 billion Instagram users. This makes it a fantastic social media platform to be on if you want to reach a wide audience, especially if you’re a small business owner.

But you can’t just hop on, make a bunch of posts, and not do anything. Otherwise, your marketing won’t go so well.

In this article, we’ll discuss the important Instagram metrics you need to track to ensure your marketing campaigns are a success.

Growth Rate

Simply looking at how many followers you have doesn’t tell you much. Instead, you’ll need to look at your growth rate.

For instance, if you gained 5 followers in a month and you previously had 50, then that’s a 10% increase, which is great! But if you gained 5 followers and had 500, that growth rate of 1% is abysmal.

If you need help in this area, you can grow your Instagram followers by buying likes or exchanging them. This can give you a quick boost that’ll improve traffic.


Growing your followers is great, but without engagement, it won’t mean much. Engagement is also important because IG’s algorithm values engagement and posts with lots of user interactions are pushed to the top.

To calculate your engagement per follower, take the number of likes and comments, then divide by the total number of followers (in a certain time period). To get automatic engagement calculations, you should use an analytics tool.

In general, a good engagement rate on Instagram is around 5%. So aim for that number!


Reach is different from impressions since it counts unique users instead of views. For example, if a person looks at your post 5 times, that counts as 5 impressions. However, since these 5 impressions came from 1 person, that’s just 1 for reach.

From there, you can calculate your reach rate. This is calculated by dividing your post’s total reach by the number of followers you have. Obviously, you want as high a reach rate as possible!

Clicks on Links

Not all links will be of equal interest to users, so you need to figure out what they want to see. The best marketing campaigns are based on giving what users want, so checking link clicks is vital.

You can track which clicks came from where by adding UTM parameters to your links. An analytics tool will then give you all the data in an organized fashion.

Traffic to Your Website

Social media isn’t your end game, after all; it’s the tool to drive traffic to your services and/or products. So an important metric to measure is how much traffic is going to your website from your IG account.

Again, an analytics tool can show you which posts or stories on IG led users to your website. You can then base your future posts on those to drive more interest and traffic.


Make Sure to Track These Instagram Metrics

Keeping track of the right Instagram metrics is key to success. With these numbers, you’ll be able to see where you need to tweak your marketing. And as a result, you’ll be able to get more followers and engagement with your posts, which will then help your business thrive!

To learn more about marketing optimization, take a look at our other blog posts today.

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